5 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

If we want to improve as leaders then we need to be as hard on ourselves, if not harder, than we are on others. We need to ask ourselves tough questions and hold ourselves to account.  Here are some questions we should ask ourselves everyday.

1. Did we make the planned progress against our goals today
Successful people know that when we write our goals down it increases our probability of achieving them, whether these are short- mid- or long-term goals. Also they know that we need to monitor our progress regularly, so we should look to check whether or not we completed the tasks that we planned to complete today.

It’s completing the small daily tasks which allows us to achieve those big bold goals.

2. What are things that I need to stop doing
We cannot create more time all we can do is look to use the time that we have most effectively. We need to check and see what are the time thieves, those things that steal time but don’t really add any value that we should stop doing. I am not talking here about relaxing, or things that relieve us of stress, those are important. But we all do things that when we look back we know we were just wasting time or procrastinating. I can personally name many TV programs that I watch, but actually don’t like, which just steal time away.

We need to identify these and then look to put that time to better use.

3. Did I inspire people today?
As leaders we should look to inspire people, and we should look to make every meeting whether, planned or unplanned, an opportunity for us to send people away feeling good about themselves, the projects, and about us. We need to project a positive vibe, smile and make people feel comfortable. The more we can inspire people the more engaged they can become.

4. What mistakes did I make today, and what can I learn from them?
We all make mistakes, and that’s ok as long as we learn from them and learn what we need to do to avoid them in future.

Mistakes are a great learning opportunity and part of our growth

5. What can I do that will make me a better leader?
We can all be better, we can all improve and we should look to see what are some of the small changes that we can make to improve.

Leaders know that learning is a lifelong journey and the best leaders look to learn every day.

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles