5 Simple Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Over the last few years, more and more people internationally have turned their passion for writing into a full-time career through blogging. However, gaining an audience and earning money from a blog isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and dedication to create a successful blog. And if you want to become a top digital influencer, there are certain steps that you should take.  

If you’re thinking of starting a full-time career in blogging, it’s important to know the best ways that you can monetize it. So to ensure that you’re on the right path, here are 5 simple ways that you can make money through blogging.

Add a Job Board

Once your blog is up and running, then you could consider integrating a job board within it. Although it’s a technique that many bloggers ignore, it can be very profitable when done correctly. Businesses are frequently looking for more channels to advertise available jobs on – which is where your blog could come in. By agreeing to advertise on a page of your site, you can ask for a fee to keep the listing up and each time they want to add a new listing.

Write Product/Service Reviews

Although this can be seen as a form of affiliate marketing, it’s so much more than a simple backlink within the content. If you’re looking to increase your revenue and diversify your content, then you might want to start writing product/service reviews in exchange for payment. 

Keep in mind, however, when doing this you need to be honest with your reviews. They have to be credible and not a false statement just because you want to earn money from it. It’s therefore important that you tell the business that you might not be able to give a 5-star review from the get-go.

Advertise Your Services 

One of the most popular ways that you can make money from your blog is through advertising your creative services. Whether your skills lie in digital design, SEO, content writing or a similar ilk, then you could make money from them. 

By showcasing what you have to offer both on your website and related job sites, you’ll be able to attract a wide range of clients from around the world. 

Sell Branded Merchandise 

Once your blog starts to gain traction, you could consider selling branded merchandise. A way of promoting engagement and loyalty to the blog, it’s easy to do and set up. 

All you need is a manufacturer for the products and an e-commerce plugin that allows you to receive payment. With merchandise, you can get as creative as you want – creating anything from sweatshirts to t-shirts and tote bags. 

Affiliate Marketing 

To monetize your blog, you could also take advantage of Affiliate Funnels. A way of earning a commission when you include affiliate links throughout your content, it can earn you upwards of $500 a day when done correctly. However, before you start to get into affiliate marketing, it’s vital that you know exactly how it works so that you can do it as effectively as possible. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you go. Those are 5 simple ways that you can make money through your blog. The technique that you choose to use, of course, is up to you. But whatever you opt for, you’ll be on the path to a successful and profitable blog.