5 Staff Perks That Will Boost Employee Engagement

There are many advantages to offering your staff extra perks and benefits. Yes, you are already paying them what is hopefully a fair wage, to complete their work. But, offering a few extras here and there shows that you are loyal to them, and increases their loyalty to you. Perks increase respect and help you to build positive relationships. They can also help you to attract the best staff in the first place. Offering extra employee benefits can also boost staff morale and mood, increasing productivity and creativity. Even relatively small extras can mean that you have a happier team, who work harder, give more back, and stick with your business for the long-term. 

But, if you run a small business, you may not be able to offer the same perks and financial benefits as larger companies. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you have nothing worthwhile to offer. Here are some great perks that even smaller businesses can offer their employees. 


Insurance is expensive but essential. Relevant life cover gives employers a way to offer their staff members life policies, which can be significantly cheaper than personal life insurance cover. Find out more here. 

Private medical insurance is another fantastic perk that many employees would love to receive. Offering private health insurance also means that if your employee were to become ill, they’d receive the best treatment, quickly. Minimising disruption in your business.

Gym Memberships

Like insurance, offering gym memberships to your team benefits both them, and you. Employees that exercise regularly are more productive, healthier, less likely to time off, and often more energetic. This can be hugely beneficial to your company, as well as your staff members health and wellbeing. 

Flexible Working Options

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In 2020 flexible working shouldn’t really be considered a perk. It should be offered wherever possible as standard. But it isn’t. Even large businesses, with plenty of staff to cover shifts, fail to provide appropriate flexibility. 

Offering your staff flexible working, as well as the chance to work remotely when they need to increases productivity, and helps them to build the perfect work-life balance. 

Offering flexible working can be difficult in the early days, as your business adjusts to different working times, and find ways to balance employee and business needs. But, once systems are in place, flexible working can see hugely increased productivity and is often easy to maintain. 

A Well-Stocked Break Room

It might not sound like much, but a well-stocked break room gives your team somewhere to relax and unwind. Offer hot and cold drinks, as well as healthy snacks and some treats. Then, install equipment so that people can easily warm up food. 

Social Benefits

Staff nights out, day trips, team building events, tickets to shows, and other social perks are a fantastic way to become known as a great employer. They also help your team to bond and start to work together more closely. 

Offering perks doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune or making huge changes to your business. Often, it’s the smaller perks, like the occasional night out or a cup of tea and a biscuit, which are the most well-received.