5 Technology Solutions for Businesses in 2021

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If 2020 was a year of drastic change  2021 is the time when we settle into that change and real the benefits. By now we should have realized that reported work and cloud technologies are the future, if not in full then at least in part. Investment in these areas is intended in 2021 to keep pace with the competition and stay relevant. Below are five of the most necessary technology solutions to implement this year. 

Cloud Technology 

The majority of SMEs have already made the jump to cloud technology, but many haven’t. Cloud technology offers a wealth of advantages to businesses including increased flexibility, better cybersecurity, lower costs and integrated networks. Despite the obvious advantages some businesses have lagged behind in the uptake of cloud technology. Reasons for this include lack of knowledge, fear or change, or in-house processes like a blasting room that doesn’t lend itself well to innovation. For SMEs that still haven’t committed to the cloud 2021 is the time to get on board. 

Virtual Services 

Virtual services refers to virtual customer service solutions that outsource customer services to qualified individuals working from home. However, virtual services come in a variety of forms that includes teleconferencing and Managed Service Providers. The world has changed significantly since the pandemic and more businesses are looking at the clear advantages of outsourcing where possible. Add to this the increase in availability of operators and you have the perfect match. Don’t miss out on this innovative idea in 2021.

Time Tracking Tools

With so much of our business now transferred to the digital environment and most employees working in home offices around the globe, time tracking has become more necessary for SMEs. It’s vital that productivity remains optimal during this period of transition and beyond. Time tracking tools allow you to effectively monitor your employee productivity from a localised device and make changes where necessary. If your SME doesn’t use a time tracking tool already 2021 is the time to update your process. 

Portable Devices 

When you think of a portable device you might think about a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet computer. This technology is great for personal use but can it be adapted for your business? The answer is it can and should be, especially with the rise in work from home situations. People need to have a range of ways they can operate since their digital workstation may not always be in the same consistent location. Moreover  innovations in technology means that smartphones are more like miniature computers than phones. There’s no reason why you can’t implement this technology to advance your business. 

Digital Workstations 

Needless to say your SME will be at a district disadvantage if it doesn’t use an effective digital workstation with remote employees. The pandemic has opened our eyes to the possibilities of remote work and the savings made by SMEs are significant. These savings can then be reinvested into the business and used to further enhance profits and reputation. Finding the best digital workstation for your business may be a process of trial and error but it’s worth the effort to find the one that best suits your processes.