5 Things No One Tells You About Entrepreneur Life

You can find many articles about entrepreneurs on the internet and many people get a kick out of reading them because they are businessmen themselves. You can find numerous articles about how entrepreneurs must eat, sleep, love, live, work, and pretty much everything else. You can also find several books that deal with various aspects of entrepreneurship such as work ethic, leadership, habits, and personality. All this is quite useful but can be misleading because there is no single way of managing time and dealing with burnout. Here are some of the things you do not hear about while reading these articles on entrepreneurs.

All entrepreneurs are different and you need to be a great delegator

Keep in mind that entrepreneurs are just people and like most people, you can find a huge variety of them. You will never find a straightforward thing such as a cookie-cutter entrepreneur. If you envisage some entrepreneur to be a perfect fit for some ideal or filling some other mode perfectly you are on the wrong track. All entrepreneurs are different from each other. Many people do not realize it but you are going to have to tell several people what to do. Running an organization is not a single person’s work. Even when you are the founder you will not be able to accomplish a fraction of what is needed by yourself. You are going to need many good people that perform terrific work and you must know how to delegate work.

It is more about the drive and less about skill

 Many people think that all these entrepreneurs possess a rare combination of luck, skills, and intellect that makes them so successful. However, this might not be the case for many entrepreneurs. Several entrepreneurs are just normal people that have extraordinary drive and determination. Of course, you are required to have a lot of skill in certain areas but nothing more than your average cubicle dweller. And yes, you must be capable of thinking; however, it does not take exceptional intellectual prowess for succeeding at entrepreneurship. Is a business degree worth it to succeed? Not necessarily, one of the significant things that set an entrepreneur apart is the drive or hunger. 

Doing many things and planning business strategies

Many people make the mistake of believing that the entrepreneur’s life just involves doing what he or she wants to do. It is believed that they have to find their muse and live their dream. Although many entrepreneurs enjoy what they are doing and have a lot of fun there is plenty of other stuff involved as well. They are forced to do many things they never expected to do and some of them are fun while others are not. They will have to find the perfect team, they will have to use many resources in order to find the right candidates. Many are using freelance platforms to find experts in different fields such as even medical content writers or biotechnology researchers that might be needed for certain positions. If you do not have any business strategies in place and are not working on closing any deals you are bound to get nervous. Market expansion and deals are where the business lies and that is bread and butter for entrepreneurs.

There are legal issues to deal with

After you have become an entrepreneur, you have practically entered the legal profession. The business world is surrounded by hundreds of business laws. There are incorporation laws, tax laws, occupational laws, employment laws, and insurance laws you have to deal with. It is not just about being sued or getting involved in lawsuits. There are several other things including day-to-day issues regarding compliance with all the applicable laws. Keep in mind that living like an entrepreneur is similar to living like no one else, not even like other entrepreneurs. You are never following cultural conventions. There is no need to fulfill the expectations of others but you have to follow the law.

Handling stress

You need to be clear about this. Everybody has stress and it is an integral part of life. However, for an entrepreneur, this stress grows to another level. For becoming successful you must be aware of ways of dealing with this stress. If you fail to deal with it, you are going to succumb to it at some point in time. If it is easy for you to get along well with other people it is a definite advantage for an entrepreneur. In most cases, the entrepreneurs do not fly solo. It is really helpful if you can meet up with new people, develop new friendships, develop relationships, and work with people. It pays off for your business. It is also a great stress reliever.


If you are a layman and not an entrepreneur, you need to remember that the entrepreneur’s life is not what you think it is. And conversely, if you are an entrepreneur, life may not exactly turn out the way you expected. However, none of these things matter. What actually should concern you is that you are deciding your own goals and are living them.

Guest Bio: “Rachel Eleza is a marketing director at Upsuite and a writer for different websites. She loves reading and travelling. She is an ambitious woman and a hard-worker. When she’s not writing, she’s usually baking up a storm or trying to find new ways to get inspired.”