5 Things That Stop Good Managers From Becoming Great Leaders

It’s simple things that can hold us back from fulfilling our promise of being a great leader, that can make our careers stall and see us being overlooked for that promotion we so desperately want.

Part of the challenge is the things that helped us climb the leadership leader are often the things that hold us back from taking that next step.

Being a great leader is often much simpler than think, but we make it more difficult by clinging to things that made us successful, but which no longer serve us.

So more often than not it’s things that you have to stop doing that will see you soar to that next level.

In this video, I share five things that were holding me back, but once I was able to address them not only did they help me get to the next level but they exploded the results that my teams started to achieve.


Leadership is not about being the hero but about creating teams of here’s when you can do that you can unleash the unlimited potential within your organisations a deliver results that will catapult your career and business beyond your wildest dreams.

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