5 Tips To Better Goal Setting

I wanted to share some simple tips to help you set better goals to help make sure that you remain motivated, build momentum and then successfully achieve them.

Tip 1 – No Conflicting Goals

Make sure that your goals are not conflicting.  You can’t set goals where you want to be a Billionaire and also Spend More Time with your Family.   If you have conflicting goals then one of them is likely to give, and possibly even both.

Tip 2 – Align Your Goals With Your Values

Make sure your goals are aligned with your Values.  If your goals are aligned with your Values then they are likely to be important to you and this will ensure that you will stick with it if the going gets a little tough.

Tip 3 – Be Clear About What Success Looks Like

Make sure your goals are clearly defined and that you know what success looks like. E,g, don’t just set a goal to lose weight be specific. I want to lose 5lbs or whatever. This makes it measurable and when it’s measure able that means you can track progress and gain motivation as you start to see progress.

Tip 4 – Know How Success Will Be Achieved

Make sure you know what you need to do to be successful. Just wishing and hoping for success won’t happen. Success requires action, and in order to take action, you need to know what needs to be done. You need to have a plan, a plan you believe in.

Tip 5 – Start Small, Identify Quick Wins and Celebrate

Look to start small, build in some quick wins and celebrate.  You don’t need to achieve your goal in the first week of January. Look to start small and build up throughout the year and identify some quick wins and remember to celebrate them so that you can use to motivate yourself and increase momentum.  Remember big success are often just an accumulation of small success.

I want you all to have an absolutely amazing year and if you implement these tips when setting up your goals you will give yourself a much better chance of being successful and finding a way to keep motivated through the difficult times.