5 Ways to Say No To Keep You Focused On Your goals

There is a big difference between being productive and being busy. It’s easy to be busy you probably have people queuing  up all of the time to keep us us busy.

But you need to learn how to say no to them, because if you don’t then you will be focused on working on their goals and dreams and probably not your own.

I see this happen time and time again. Whenever I review progress with coaching clients, it’s probably one of the top reasons as to why they struggled to hit this weeks goal, or achieve the required progress.

Unfortunately, the busier you are, and the better you are at helping people achieve their goals, the longer the line of people queuing up to ask for help will be.

It’s not easy to say no.  I know this from personal experience, I love to help people too which makes me my own worst enemy. I’m not sure what the real reason for this is, whether it’s because people love of helping people or it allows them to get away from either a fear of success or failure.

I know that when you work on someone else’s goal it’s a lot less stressful as you don’t feel any real ownership of the outcome, yes it’s not great if it doesn’t go as planned but at least it’s not your goal that you’ve failed to meet.  Only by working on someone else goal thats exactly what has happened, your goal has been missed by default.  So you need to take ownership of your time, you need to be able to say no, and put in the effort required to achieve your goals.

Here are 5 aways to say no so that you can keep focused on your goals.

Infographic provided by Business Backer  and suggested by NeoMam Studios.