5 Ways to Create an Environmentally-Friendly Office

A modern-day person spends at least 8 hours every day in the office. Considering the fact that, for some, that’s half of the time they spend awake each day, it’s only natural that this space needs to cater to their needs.

But a functional office space isn’t enough to keep employees satisfied, and the energy, creativity and motivation flowing seamlessly.

Instead, businesses should aim at creating environmentally-friendly offices that will not only cater to everyone’s needs, but will also help preserve the planet to a certain degree.

With that in mind, let’s explore some ideas.

Keep the space clean

No matter the type of business you’re running, you need to make sure that you keep your office space clean at all times. Now while it is true that some offices get dirty and messy faster than others, not taking care of this issue won’t do your business any good.

That’s why prioritizing office cleanup is a must. Of course, in order to keep things green, look for eco-friendly cleaning for businesses when looking to hire a service. That way you can rest assured knowing that your office will always be clean and that no harmful substances are being used to clean it.

Take care of the lighting

To boost the eco-friendliness of your office further, you’ll need to take care of your indoor lighting. As every office space needs to have plenty of lighting solutions that will keep it bright and well-illuminated, you need to ensure that the options you’re using are contributing to energy preservation, and not hindering it.

So, instead of incandescent lights, that waste as much as 80% of the energy they use on producing heat instead of light, you should opt for far more efficient LED lights. Not only do these waste significantly less energy, but they also produce almost no heat, which will help prevent the indoor air from heating up.

Take care of the indoor air quality

Another crucial factor in any office space is indoor air quality. Working in a stuffy and poorly-ventilated office is neither recommended nor healthy. 

So, ensure that the air in your office space is clean, fresh and changed out frequently. To reduce the carbon footprint, try to rely on air conditioning units and HVAC systems as least as possible.

And to further improve the quality of your indoor air, fill the office space with potted plants. These not only cleanse the air but they will also boost the visual appeal of the space, making the environment far more comfortable to work and spend time in. 

Go green wherever possible

No matter what you do with your office space, it won’t really become green and environmentally-friendly unless you adopt green practices and choose to go green wherever possible. 

Businesses are some of the largest paper consumers in the world, so switching to a paperless office can be your first step. If, for whatever reason, going entirely paperless is not possible for your business, you can switch to using recycled paper instead.

As mentioned previously, using green and eco-friendly cleaning supplies will also help you create a more environmentally-friendly working space.

In addition, consider investing in refurbished computers. These computers have been restored to good condition and can significantly reduce electronic waste while providing reliable performance.

What’s more, try switching to either compostable plates and cups, or even encourage your employees to bring their own reusable alternatives. 

Source everything you can locally

Finally, make sure that whatever you source for your business – from business essentials to even office snacks and coffee – you do so locally. That way you will be both cutting on unnecessary pollution caused by the delivery, but you’ll also give more support to other businesses in your locale.

You can also encourage your employees to visit local restaurants during their lunch break, instead of having their meals delivered to the office.