7 Tips to Manage Stress and Anxiety as a Remote Worker

About 20 years ago only about 1% of the population of the world had internet access as per Global Internet Usage statistics. At present more than 55% of the people in the world have access to the internet and that figure is set to rise sharply within the next few years.

One main benefit of internet access is that it continues to fuel the growth of remote working. And because of the prevailing global pandemic in the form of Coronavirus companies are changing how they operate. Businesses are embracing work at home arrangements as it enables social distancing to help in curbing the spread of the deadly virus as per government and health expert guidelines.

However, as many remote workers have come to realize working away from the office comes with its fair share of challenges. When working away from the office it is common to suffer from stress and anxiety. That is according to a report by the United Nations. The stress and anxiety associated with remote working jobs may emanate from:

•           Lack of face to face interaction and communication

•           Working longer hours leading to a burnout

•           Lack of anybody else to see the revealing signs apart from friends or family members

•           A confusing balance between work and life

•           A lot of distractions including from the television and mobile devices

Consequently below are essential tips to help in managing stress and anxiety when working away from the office environment.

1.   Go For A Holiday

Going for a holiday provides you with the best opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate. You can try treehouse accommodation in Daintree as your holiday destination. Apart from the natural landscape treehouse accommodation in Daintree also provides appropriate views and facilities.

Remember to avoid bringing your devices along that can connect you to your work.

2.   Embrace Social Interaction

Remote working jobs do not highly encourage social interaction among workers. Still, it is possible to spend some time with your workmates, friends and family. Social interaction provides one sure way of alleviating the loneliness and anxiousness that comes with remote working.

3.   Have A Healthy Sleep

If possible as experts recommend you should have about 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. One common way to avoid unhealthy sleep is to avoid exposure to your screen (mobile device or TV) a few hours to sleep as it tends to alter patterns of sleep and make it hard to fall asleep.

4.   Have A Boundary Between Home And Work

Working in an office comes with the benefit that there are mental breaks like going to chat with a colleague. The mental breaks can help with reducing or eliminating stress and anxiety levels as the brain has an opportunity for recharging.

Make sure there are short breaks too when working at home.

5.   Perform Physical Exercise

For appropriately managing remote workers during the current pandemic it is essential there is an encouragement to engage in physical activities.

A remote worker does not have to go to the gym. For instance, there are numerous fitness videos that you can source from YouTube and use.

6.   Adopt The Buddy System

As a way of managing remote workers adopting the buddy system is useful in terms of allowing employees to check on each other frequently. Communication allows members to spot or raise any stress and anxiety issues which can then be dealt with accordingly.

7.   Learn To Say No

Since you have a schedule to keep you should learn to reject any other not useful plans or offers from family members, coworkers or friends that may inconvenience you.

In Conclusion

Though working from home has its benefits like freedom there are various disadvantages and causes of stress and anxiety it comes with which you should know. The tips given above can allow you to reduce or eliminate levels of stress and anxiety and profit more from remote working.

BIO: Katherine is the digital marketing officer based in Thailand and the founder of Social Butterfly Travel Blog. A woman who loves travelling, eating and drinking especially coffee so sometimes she is a cafe hopper.