Is Your Business Reaching The Right People?

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Marketing can be a thoroughly fickle beast, and in more ways than one. It’s very easy to forget that even if we run the most intelligent ad campaign, if we target it at the wrong audience, odds are it will grant pitiful results. For this reason, it’s important to move forward and do your research before executing that ad campaign, or even structuring it in the first place.

But how do you know if you’re reaching the right people, and furthermore, how do you define who those people are? After all, it might be that you’re focusing on only one demographic at your peril. For instance, a fashion brand may believe that they’re only focused on one gender or one age group, but with blurred lines surrounding fashion and all of those distinctions, it can be difficult to know if that’s the right strategy to move forward with or not.

So – how do you resolve this problem? After all, your potential audience may not know they’re ‘your audience’ until you reach them. With some of the following advice, that process will become easier.

The Right People

Who are the right people? Well, it can be worthwhile to generate a ‘fake example’ of someone you are marketing towards. This could even be a few people. Perhaps your new health drink is sponsored at women 25-35 who are working in the city and wish for something trendy, but not something they want to feel guilty about consuming. Where would they drink this? What are their habits? And might this work for the local men popping in for a refreshment after a gym session? Extrapolate that, and you’ll be able to move onto:

The Right Platforms

All social media platforms can seem similar, but they’re more unique than you think regarding their culture, userbase, and how the users interact with marketing. For instance, you can speak to a Facebook Advertising Agency to see just how effective a multi-pronged social media ad campaign can be, especially when hoping to target your ads for the right people. It might be that a small auto-playing video (that fits nicely on phone screens) is essential for your marketing, and will gain much more traction than a simple promoted tweet. Focus on the platforms, and you’ll be able to squeeze the best from your campaign.

The Right Message

The right message is appropriate, because it can be a pinpointed and directed means of connecting with those who wish to see or return to your business for the first time. It might be that you’re wishing to solve a problem, such as VISA advertising their platform behind their recent ‘shop local’ campaign, which obviously has some moral weight at the moment with Covid putting intense pressure on local businesses trying to survive. The right message can work wonders, but how should your firm tell it, and what should it consist of? Those questions only you can answer.

With this advice, we hope your business can more easily reach the right people, time and time again.

Is Your Business Reaching The Right People? - Gordon