Security Investments Your Business Should Consider in 2020

As we reach a new year and a new decade it behooves us all to reflect on what matters the most to us and how we will protect it going forward. For many readers, their businesses might have been in their infancy in 2010 and for more they might not have even existed. However, even if you were in business at the turn of the last decade, there’s a strong chance that your market and your business have changed a lot in 10 years. Not only do businesses need to ensure that they’re keeping up with the ever-changing needs of their target audience, they also need to ensure that they’re keeping up with the ever-evolving security threats all around them.

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Here are some security investments that all owners of SMEs should consider in 2020…

Biometric Access Control

Biometrics are not just a great way to keep your business’ premises, inventory, data and anything else worth keeping secure. It’s also about facilitating ease of access and ensuring smooth workflows. Non-biometric access control systems are prone to inefficiencies. What if someone forgets, misplaces or loses their swipe card? What if the chip or magnetic strip gets scratched or damaged? 

When it comes to biometric measures like fingerprint and retina scanning, it’s quick and easy to grant access to the right personnel without the security risks represented by swipe cards which can become lost or stolen. 

Privileged Access Management

When it comes to protecting your data, Privileged Access Management or PAM is absolutely essential. But there’s more to PAM than remembering a series of logins and passwords. The world of PAM is changing to cope with the growing security demands of 2020 business. With secret servers, privilege managers and a combination of cloud-based and on-premises solutions, its easier than ever to protect sensitive data. 

Businesses can even do away with passwords and logins altogether without compromising security. And powerful artificial intelligence can detect any suspicious behavior patterns and provide real-time alerts to quash potential privileged account breaches. 

Migrating to the cloud

Not only can migrating your infrastructure to the cloud (in whole or in part) be extremely cost-effective, it can also help to make your data more secure. When you opt for a cloud-based solution upgrades to security are installed regularly and as part of the price of a subscription. So there’s no need to worry about downtime while your security is upgraded. Service providers also ensure that updates are carried out regularly to counter the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. In an age where businesses of all shapes and sizes are brought to their knees by malware, cloud-based solutions can provide the protection you need.

Remember your greatest potential vulnerability… IoT devices

As businesses grow more and more reliant on interconnected tools and devices, it’s important to remember that most IoT enabled devices have little or no end-point security. Make sure your cybersecurity provision for 2020 incorporates security measures for these devices from API security to PKI and hardware certificates.

The new decade brings great promise… but it also brings its share of caveats. Make sure your business is protected in the new year. 

Security Investments Your Business Should Consider in 2020 - Gordon