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Gordon is passionate about helping people reach their short-, medium- and/or long-term goals, as well as providing them with the strategies they need to be able to replicate that success in the future.

Gordon uses the FAST Approach, to try and make rapid sustainable improvements within just a few short months. The approach works to clarify the goals and objectives that you are trying to achieve, as ambiguity can cause people to procrastinate, become overwhelmed or struggle to make the desired progress.

Once we have clarity around the goals, Gordon works with clients to help create simple plans and solutions that will help to get you moving and help to build momentum. Regular follow up sessions ensure that clients remain on track and get the support if new challenges arise.

Gordon brings his extensive experience, detailed knowledge and world-class problem solving skills to each assignment. Working with clients to help grow their businesses, improve performance, transition to new roles, overcome challenges and even achieve personal goals.

Gordon is insightful, innovative and quick thinking and is an excellent sounding board, advisor and coach for any executive or entrepreneur looking to take the game to next level.

Coaching Packages

Gordon offers 3 different coaching packages:

3 Months
  • Chat Support
  • Weekly Meeting via Zoom
  • Coaching Session Recording
  • Email Support with 48hr Response
6 Months
  • Chat Support
  • Weekly Meeting via Zoom
  • Coaching Session Recording
  • Email Support with 48hr Response
12 Months
  • Chat Support
  • Weekly Meeting via Zoom
  • Coaching Session Recording
  • Email Support with 48hr Response

What Clients Say About Gordon

Gordon is by far the best coach I have worked with. In the first two months of this year he has helped me generate and additional $100k in revenue.”
Elaine Davidson CEO, Beacon Lane

“Gordon provided me a wealth of insight, ideas and advice right when I needed it. His promise to help you achieve a big step forward in just a few focused coaching sessions is a promise he delivers on.”
Allison Summers Executive Director at Zonta International

Within a few months of Gordon mentoring, my brand yielded 300% revenue increase in the first quarter compared to previous year, and our business is taking big leaps forward because of increased efficiency and effective results”
Szebastian Ohne – Naked CEO

Gordon is quite simply the personification of a true leader and expert. Not only is he extremely bright, intelligent and capable, but his management and leadership skills are also among the elite. He will help you to be more effective as a leader while you Increase revenue and enhance your bottom line.”
Lisa Patrick CEO at XTRAcredits

“After being ‘stuck’ in a job for six years I made the decision to apply for a job I really wanted but my confidence was low and I was floundering. With Gordon’s support and guidance I walked in to my interview feeling as relaxed as one can in these forums, feeling more confident than I could have imagined and gave it everything I had. My happy ending – I got the job, I manage a team and use Gordon’s FAST principles to guide me in doing that. I am earning more money than ever before but more importantly have never enjoyed working as much as I am right now. I don’t think I would have even gone ahead with the interview if I hadn’t met Gordon and would recommend anyone feeling ‘stuck’ to not waste anymore time and get him on side immediately. Thanks Gordon – eternally grateful.
Marie Gilroy Children’s Service Manager for Barnardo’s

I hired Gordon as a business coach when I started up a new business in 2017. He was terrific to work with and helped me work through some extremely difficult issues early on in my new business. His advice helped me turn around a very difficult business situation with a client and forced me to rethink my actions. The result – I received a fair amount of money and Gordon more than paid for himself!! Would highly recommend him as a business coach’”
Besty Brod Managing Partner at Affinity Growth Advisors

“Our team has had the distinct pleasure of working with Gordon Tredgold on several projects. He is an absolute inspiration to all and engages audiences with his intellect, humor and state of the art business practices. Our company looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Mr. Tredgold. We have no doubt that those that utilize his services will not be disappointed.”
Dr Shelley Plumb – CEO at Plumbtalk Inc.

Over the last several months since I began coaching with Gordon I have up-leveled my team, I have simplified my process, I have implemented new protocol to get my team on track and I am already seeing amazing results! His no-excuses leadership has kept me on track and given me a solid system to lead by.”
Kellie Kuecha – CEO Brand Omnipresence

Gordon is a great coach. He is willing to spend time to assess and analyze. His relentless pursuit of objectives and grasp of current business challenges is a key asset to assisting a successful outcome”
Frank Nugent – Programme Director at Carmichael House

After speaking to 10 different people about the best way to get approved for a TEDx talk, Gordon by far provided the best advice. His “thinking outside of the box” as a way to beat the masses to the process was just brilliant. His tips were also extremely insightful.”
Michael Dash – Author

Gordon’s FAST approach to leadership helped me to make a massive mindset shift from employee to founder. His patient encouragement, quick insight and deep level of leadership experience has set me up for rapid success I couldn’t have achieved on my own.”
Crystal Keet – Independent Business Consultant

“Gordon is exceptional in providing value! He has mentored me on public speaking and found exactly where I had to improve. He has such a keen eye to see the problem and then offer a solution which is simple to execute. Very rarely I’ve seen people who are such great problem solvers.”
Deepak V Maddila – CEO at DVM Media

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