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Gallup research shows that for each disengaged employee, it costs the company $3400 per year for every $10,000 of their salary, and that this costs the average company around $64m per year in lost revenue, and opportunity cost!

I believe that people are not afraid of hard work, they are afraid of failure and if we can show our teams how they will be successful then they will become engaged and follow our lead!

The FAST Leadership workshops enable people and organizations to create engaged, empowered and excited teams that deliver amazing results.

“Success comes when you give teams clear direction, simple plans and right tools that allow them to take ownership and empower them to succeed.”

You need to share the Objective, the Expectation and the Plan with your teams to help create the belief and understanding of what’s needed in order to deliver.

Without belief and understanding, your leadership will not prevail.

Topics include:

  • Gordon’s proven and successful FAST Approach to achieving success.
  • Four key principles of FAST leadership: Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency.
  • Common causes of failure, their impact and how to mitigate them.
  • Secrets to creating engaged empowered teams.
  • How to increase effectiveness and efficiency to drive achieve excellence.
  • Create a culture of Accountability.
  • Power of reward and recognition.

Creating a High Performing Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

But do your results show that you have the right organizational culture high performing?

According to research 81% of Customer Experience Projects (Avaya), 84% of Digital Transformation Projects (Forbes) and 95% of Tech Start Up companies (CBS Insights) fail! This would seem to imply that more organization cultures are failing cultures than they are high performing cultures.

Creating a High Performing Culture is a powerful leadership workshops that examine the essence of organizational culture, and how leadership can define and shape a culture that delivers sustainable success and looks to drive continuous improvements.

This workshop provides leaders with tools and strategies to explore the challenges of defining, building and sustaining a high performance culture.
and better enable them to lead.

The Creating a High Performance Culture workshop goes beyond rote skills and process checklists that you find in conventional leadership/culture development workshops.

Leadership defines culture. Leaders need to examine and understand their role in creation of an organization culture. How their words, actions, and behaviours help to shape and create a high performing culture.

Topics include:

  1. What is culture, where does it come from and why is it important
  2. Gordon’s proven and successful FAST Approach to driving change
  3. Change resistance and techniques for overcoming it
  4. The power of Simplicity
  5. Culture adoption profiles
  6. Importance of creating cultural role models
  7. The impact of silent leaders
  8. Engagement and empowerment techniques
  9. Leveraging reward and recognition
  10. Communicating to win


I had the unique opportunity to go through the FAST Leadership by Gordon Tredgold.  To say I think it adds value is a significant understatement. As an experienced organizational coach, I can see where it will be transforming for a business. Every facet, applied to the different parts of a company (and especially to the company as a whole system) moves you forward. It’s clear, concise, thorough, comprehensive, and very useful. He shares great stories about his experiences with different challenges, and the tools contained in the program can be used by every manager, from first-line supervisors to the CEO.  I will recommend it to all my corporate clients, and feel confident the FAST Leadership will bring them better analyses and an increase in profitability.

Susan Foster – Chief Financial Officer, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA

So grateful for the oppprtunity to attend Gordon Tredgold‘s FAST Leadership Intensive training today. This guy is a genius, I learned SO much…now it’s time to put it into practice!

– Shondelle Solomon Miles – CEO/Owner Synergize Home of Crossfit 954.

Bravo Gordon Tredgold for an awesome FAST Leadership Intensive workshop. You are brilliant AND excellent.

-Megha Rodriguez – CEO & Founder Hire Humanity

Gordon has a goal oriented approach to work and makes you understand very clearly what it is going to take to declare success. No surprises, and no nonsense – just results, and a pleasant (albeit hard working) journey.”

– Jack Ramsay – Global Technology Delivery Director at Accenture Digital Business Group

Glued to our seats. Packed room. Incredible training!

– Kellie Kuecha – Founder Monetize Method

“I have already started on this by using the FAST system on four KPI’s that I am focusing on now.”

“I’ve already reviewed the Nurseries business plan and categorized the 6 objectives into two overall areas – Quality and Efficiency. I’ve used the FAST technique to review a formal monitoring process we have recently developed, I’ve been able to ensure the FOCUS is clear, identify everyone’s role within the process (ACCOUNTABILITY) the criteria as been SIMPLIFIED and I’ve increased TRANSPARENCY by identifying what success looks like, open discussion and worked with the team to develop clear actions to succeed.”

“I will take the FAST approach, where I can, in leading the School. Particularly focus on the accountability side of things to embed further, the understanding by individual managers/direct reports, of their accountability and to help stop attempts at upward delegation!”

“Certain to use the FAST aspects in my approach to many daily tasks and interactions with others. I found it very useful.”

“I’ve already shared FAST with anyone that will listen and am assessing all my current efforts again. Will be endeavoring for my Department as a whole to adopt FAST, not just my immediate team.”

“I will take the ‘FAST’ approach where applicable to make my work, and that of my team, more effective”.

“Our management team are looking to work with the FAST principles presented and review the team aims and ways of working to simplify and clarify our goals and objectives”.

“I am eager to implement these FAST ideas into my own teams working practices.”

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