The Art of Business Visibility

The simple truth is that if no one knows your business exists, then no one will be able to buy your products and services. The fact has existed since the beginning of business. The method, however, is constantly changing and morphing to fit in with modern-day technology and consumer patterns. You need to ask yourself, how can you put what you do under the nose of potential customers. More importantly, under the nose of customers who are minded to buy the kind of products you offer. Businesses are always looking for a way ahead, and these tips can help your business become more visible. What works will differ depending on what industry you occupy, but they’ll at least give you something to think about.

Website Woes

If you occupy a saturated marketplace it can be pretty hard to ensure your website is seen by potential customers. Looking into keywords, google console and analytics, content management and backlinks are all vital elements of SEO that warrant further research on your part. To start though you just need to ensure your website is as attractive and usable as possible. If you use a basket purchase system you need to ensure that it’s easy for people to add products to it and to checkout. Too often you find sites that take you all over the place. It has to be logical and flow on nicely from one page to the next. If it doesn’t people may get frustrated. Check the best performing competitor and see what they do for a flavour. You’re not copying here, just seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Check Your Demographic

Finding your ideal demographic means you know exactly where to target your advertisement. If you’re looking to sell to students, you’d look for blogs and sites that students frequent. You might also look to do some physical advertising on a campus or college grounds. Knowing your demographic makes everything a little easier. Sometimes your product or service could apply to anyone and everyone in which case you look for the place people are asking questions relevant to what you do and offer. If you were a law firm, you’d want to advertise where people are asking about injury compensation etc. Knowing is sometimes half the battle but it can take a significant amount of research to get where you need to be which takes you out of the usual running of your business, but if you’ve got the time it’s worthwhile. 

Consider Using Influencers

They can make a huge difference and really bump up the visibility of your group. It can be hard trying to find the right one with the correct following and outreach but it can really work. Influencer marketing is a great shout for those looking to reach people. The only problem is that it can be pretty pricey depending on what kind of person you’re looking for. It’s certainly worth considering though as traffic to your site can bump pretty significantly when they start using your products or sharing your services with their myriad of followers across multiple social media platforms. 

The Art of Business Visibility - Gordon