The Business Location And Getting It Fit For Purpose

Many businesses will start off with just you, your laptop and a place that has WiFi connection. But a successful business will quickly move on from this and have you thinking about finding the right business location as the next step in your business journey. It might be a shop, an office that you work out from, or a place where you can store stock. But are there things you need to think about? Here are some suggestions. 

Image source – Pixabay – CC0 License 

Branding materials

Branding is everything. It is how people such as customers and clients will denote your business. It is the way that they make a first impression, and it is one of the things that can be memorable for your business. So getting the branding right when it comes to your business location is crucial. Think about signs and boards that showcase your business name and logo. Sign writing on windows that will advertise what it is you do. Take advantage of not only being eye-catching but also drawing in potential customers and clients from the street. This is where your branding can come into its own. Lastly, make sure you have branding materials in the area. This might be leaflets and brochures in the waiting area, it might be point of sale items in the shop or showroom area. These things can make a big difference. 

Paint and decoration

The next thing to think about would be the paint and decoration side of things. You will want the business location to be clean and attractive. This is when crisp white colours can help give a clinical look, and then incorporating any branding such as colour themes into decoration. Maybe a painting of the logo on the wall, using the colour for cushions in the waiting area. The small details can make a big difference, and if the business location is inviting, then people are more likely to visit. 

Practical elements 

You also need to think about practical elements when it comes to your business location. This is when you need to think about things such as storage options, warehouse facilities if needed and also the flooring side of things. Anything from small repairs to checking the concrete epoxy patch can make a big difference to your facility. Plus in these sorts of locations, you will be storing your assets, so you will want any necessary repairs carried out and checked. 

Is it usable for customers and any staff members? 

Finally, the last thing to check would be whether it is user friendly for customers and clients but also any staff members that you have. This can be anything from tea and coffee making facilities, offering water and also toilet access. A comfortable waiting area, a decent place to work with all of the right tools and facilities. The business location needs to work for you all as well as being attractive and fit for purpose. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you to get your business location fit for purpose and working as it should.

The Business Location And Getting It Fit For Purpose - Gordon