Turn Up Your Visibility For Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows, business networking events, and other professional exhibitions are one thing in common: The crowd. Visitors rarely spend more than a couple of hours, strolling from a stand to another, and trying to navigate through a sea of other people. More often than not, they can’t make out the details of each exhibition stand, unless they take the time to stop and talk to the company. Unfortunately, in busy trade events, the crowd is in charge; visitors follow the central movement, only pausing to look at known brands. 

Getting noticed in such a hectic environment can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge. The truth is that you need to prepare to stand out. Being seen is all about catching visitors’ attention, either by letting them know in advance that you’ll be coming or by giving them a good reason to check your business. Here are some tips to maximize your visibility for your next trade show. 

Share your knowledge

Find a subtle way to be on everybody’s mind

Some trade events welcome hundreds of companies. It’s fair to say that when you’re dealing with a large volume of exhibitors, being on the list doesn’t mean anything. You are one of many; there is no guarantee that visitors might notice you. Instead, you need to be practical about it and bring your brand name under the spotlight. Sponsoring activities, such as offering to pay for visitors’ lanyards with a custom design – you can get in touch with designed products experts such as dynamicgift.com.au/lanyards to discuss the different personalization patterns – can be strategically advantageous. Every visitor would be wearing your brand logo around their neck. Similarly, you can also offer to sponsor the show publications – every trade event has a magazine or a map of the show – and receive a promotional brand awareness placement. 

Consider additions that make sense in your surroundings

There are many ways in which you can make a significant difference for visitors. But, offering a stand that is specifically designed with their needs in mind is, by far, the easiest way to get noticed. If, for example, you notice that the trade show map is filled with countless other business names, you know that it will be a crowded space. Choosing to transform your stand design for a branded canopy, for instance, can provide a peaceful area for visitors, gordontredgold.com/business-canopy. Not only can you use the design as a way to raise brand awareness, but you can also create a quiet bubble. Outside of the canopy, the crowd progresses blindly like one, loud individual. But inside, it’s a calm area where you can engage with your visitors. 

Business marquees for outdoor events 

Let your contacts know you’ll be there

While you can meet new leads at a networking event, you are more likely to reconnect with your existing clients or contacts. That’s precisely why you should always plan pre-show marketing campaigns to make sure you can recruit some of your target audience to come and see you. You can always use a trade show as a way of reaching out to previous contacts that you can’t yet call your clients, such as visitors of a previous show. You should also dedicate some time to introducing your team so that visitors can put a face on your brand name.

Everybody likes something to eat and drink

If you’re familiar with the traditional trade show food choices, you already know that there isn’t much beyond sandwiches and coffee vending machines. For exhibitors, this may not be a problem, as many can get organized in separate groups, so that some participants can take a prolonged lunch break while others keep^the stand. For visitors, however, they need to stay on the site to make the most of the event. Therefore, addressing their needs by offering free food and drinks for your clients and leads can be a game changer. A tapas presentation offers a mix of options and is the ideal snack for a business meeting on site. 

Make the most of your time on stage

Lastly, you can also grab everybody’s attention by holding a conference. Most trade networking events have spots available for business to present new trends and ideas. Signing-up to a content-driven speaking slot can let you position your company as an expert and increase brand awareness. You can even discuss the possibility of turning it into a podcast to be sent to your contacts after the show! It is important to note that a conference is not a sales presentation; you are not selling your products but educating your audience. 

Trade show events are hugely popular, but they are challenging for both exhibitors and visitors. Making your presence as helpful as possible for your visitors remains one of the safest ways of getting noticed and remembered. 

Turn Up Your Visibility For Your Next Trade Show - Gordon