A Guide for Retaining Your Clients

Without clients, you wouldn’t have a business. Which is why retaining them is paramount. Often, for many companies, it’s more beneficial and valuable to spend the time caring for and maintaining a current client list rather than spending time and effort constantly seeking out new customers. It’s much more successful to have a long-term customer base that is dedicated and loyal rather than attracting new customers who might never return after one purchase.

Here is a guide in how to best retain those valuable clients.

Always Stay in Touch

You did the hard work and attracted a new client, and you provided a service that they were thoroughly happy with. Should you now cease all contact? The answer is no. It’s now time to nurture that established relationship and increase the probability of the customer using your services again. By staying in touch, you’re reminding the customer that you still care about them.

This method could include emails and newsletters about your latest promotions, or follow up contact in any form to check whether they were happy with their service and whether there is anything you can do. Even a simple and quick form of contact is still contact, and they’ll appreciate it.

Make Them Feel Completely Taken Care Of

Depending on what business you’re in, this can be done on many levels. If your business requires flying out to meet clients, perhaps flying them in to meet with you, arranging their accommodation, and the like, then your customer service extends outside of your business property. Retaining customers through this manner means extending as much professionalism and luxury as possible.

This could include arranging a private jet with Stratos Jets Charters for business travel and escorting clients from location to location. It could mean handling all their accommodation requirements for them, or making dinner reservations so that they don’t have to worry.

Enabling your clients to feel fully looked after means that they will trust and enjoy working with you, and therefore stay your client.

Don’t Be Neglectful with Customer Time

If your clients have any questions or queries, whether new or existing, then you should always seek to answer them in a timely and helpful manner. Nothing risks losing a customer more than shoddy customer service and lengthy waiting times to get an answer out of somebody.

Develop a substantial system, which means that customer contact is never missed, whether this is on social media, via email, or through phone calls. Understand how and why your customers and clients are contacting you and seek to concentrate on the most popular form of communication and answer promptly.


Retaining customers is about giving them a reason to stay. It’s basic human interaction and courtesies, such as showing respect, offering your time and attention and genuinely caring about their experience. Focusing more on taking care of your customers means that if something does go wrong within your business, you’re more likely to keep hold of your customers if they know that you always provide excellent service regardless.