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Gordon has always had the unique ability to assess difficult situations, determine what could be done differently and then create simple, easy to understand and easy to implement solutions, which deliver sustainable results FAST.

Gordon’s early passions were rugby and mathematics.

My first passion was rugby, I started playing when I was 9 years old and in my first full season, we played in the local cup final against a team that was far better than us. But with the great coaching and the right vision we succeeded. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was a pivotal leadership moment for me and one that would go on to help shape my future career. I continued to play rugby until I was 43, both League and Union, often playing 3-4 games a week, sometimes twice a day – did I say it was my passion. Being from Yorkshire, a rugby hotbed, I was also fortunate to play against some of the best players in the world, Ellery Hanley, Brian Moore, Nigel Melville, and many, many more. At 18 I even had professional trials. But unfortunately, I was found “not guilty” of being talented enough to play at that level. Apparently, passion will only take you so far.

At university I studied Mathematics, as my second passion was problem solving and math was a great mental toolset for achieving that, and of course, I also captained the university Rugby team. As I moved into my professional career, I discovered that my real passion was actually for building successful teams, coaching and developing people, creating strategies to turn around under-performing teams and failing projects, or delivering complex change programs. The bigger the challenge the more I loved to compete and to find ways to succeed. In a nutshell, my passion is Leadership. Now I speak, write, coach, and teach on leadership. make leadership simple. I show people how to create engaged, empowered, and excited teams that will achieve amazing results. Just like my average rugby team did when I was 9 years old.Success is not about having the best players. It’s about having the right motivation, the right plan, and the right leadership. Building confidence and showing teams their true capability and then helping them to exceed their perceived full potential. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the look on the faces of people when they feel the pride of having achieved what they previously thought of as impossible. And now with that mix of passion and ability, I have been ranked, by Global Gurus as one of the Top 10 Leadership Experts, Speakers, and Trainers in the world.

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Clarify Goals and Objectives

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Create Simple Achievable Plans

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Deliver Amazing Results

Leading from the front Gordon achieved some amazing results

Leading from the front Gordon achieved some amazing results, delivering a $30m project in 3mths, instead of the originally estimated 18; at a leading Logistics company Gordon successfully delivered a $100m that had struggled for over 2 years, and at a Manufacturing company he implemented a program which reduced operation costs by $350m over 7 years and increased operational performance by 200%. These successes brought rapid advancement for Gordon and helped him develop a reputation as a turnaround expert, which saw him work with on three continents for Fortune 100 companies such as Barclays, London Electric, Barclaycard, TUI, Kreditbank, Euro Container Terminals Rotterdam, DHL, and Henkel. Leading global departments of over 1000 staff, driving operational performance improvement programs, and driving Strategic Change Initiatives.

Gordon’s success was based on developing simple plans, that were easy to understand, and that helped to create highly engaged and empowered teams. Gordon knew from his rugby playing days that when teams have a simple plan that they believe in, that they become inspired and will achieve amazing results. Looking to help even more companies and individuals achieve Inspired Results, Gordon decided to share his tried and tested approach and wrote the FAST – 4 Principles Everyone Needs to Achieve Success and Drive Results, which is now a Finalist for Practical Management Book of the Year 2017 selected by Chartered Management Institute & British Library.