Achieving Greatness


Greatness is not about who we think we are, it comes from what we do.

If we have great potential, but we do nothing with it we remain unknown, the only greatness we may experience is the thoughts in our minds of what could have been.

To try and to fail doesn’t result in failure in my opinion, to me, real failure is when we fail to try.

Who knows, we may not achieve greatness at our first attempt, nor our second, but we will never achieve it if we do not try.

Greatness is a choice, and choosing not to try is the same as choosing not to be great!

So why not make today the day that you choose to be great, the day that you start yourself on the road to greatness. Sure you may slip and stumble along the way, but these are just learning opportunities.

Nobody ever gets greatness right the first time, most greatness is build on a solid bedrock of previous failures, which have helped us learn what we need to do to be great.

For some the journey will be longer than others, some many not ever fully reach the destination, but at least we will have spent a life on a road we wish to travel, and that for sure, is better than living with regret wondering what might have been.

So go on, take that first faltering step, you never know where it might lead you!

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles