Additional Skills That Provide Value to Your Employees (and You)

Your employees naturally put a lot of focus on developing the skills that they need for their core responsibilities. However, they can always benefit from learning other skills that might not be directly related to their jobs but can bring value both to them and you. By expanding their skill sets, they make themselves more valuable to their employer. As an employer, you can help by providing opportunities for training and learning new skills, and you benefit from having well-rounded employees. Take a look at some of the skill areas that you might want to explore for your employees.

Health and Safety Skills

It’s always a good idea to have people who are trained in handling health and safety incidents in your workplace. In fact, it’s often a legal requirement. Offering CPR and first aid certifications to your employees helps to ensure you have people who know how to handle anything from minor injuries to more serious medical emergencies.  Keeping this knowledge the first aid and calgary cpr training up to date is important too, especially as some best practices can change over the years. As well as physical first aid skills, consider exploring mental health first aid courses for your employees too. Mental health has become a prominent issue in the workplace and it’s worth addressing.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Good communication skills are essential for every employee, but there are certain specialist areas where some people can excel. Conflict resolution skills can be particularly useful for helping to create a more harmonious workplace, and it’s not just HR personnel who can benefit from developing them. If there is someone within each department or team who can manage conflicts and ensure any disagreements come to a reasonable conclusion, it can make your workplace more inclusive and more productive. It could also help with employee retention and help to prevent problems such as bullying.

Language Skills

Having an additional language can be extremely useful to some employees. Whether they are working in a customer service role or dealing with coworkers on the other side of the world, being able to communicate in another language allows them to form stronger connections with more people. Offering language classes and tuition to employees can help you to ensure they learn the most important vocabulary and that they learn a language that’s useful to your business. Learning business-related language can be very different to simply learning to have a casual conversation, and cultural differences are also important to understand.

Public Speaking Skills

Many of your employees may be required to have public speaking skills but might not have received any formal training. They might be able to make their way through a presentation when necessary but their public speaking skills don’t go beyond the basics. Having better public speaking skills can enable your employees to do more and go further. Offering formal training on how to be a better public speaker could be to their benefit and yours.

Helping your employees to learn additional skills not only allows them to grow their careers but also delivers multiple benefits for your organization.