Why You Need An Outcome-Based Mindset

I was in a meeting with my boss, my peers, the head of HR and we were talking about an event we were looking to set up to demo some of the new technology that was available. After about 30 mins my boss said does anyone have any questions.

I said “yes, I do. What’s the outcome that we are looking to achieve?”

I thought that was a reasonable question, but no sonner were the words out of my mouth the head of HR jumped up and said ‘it’s always about the outcomes, you’re obsessed with them’.

Personally, I think he thought he was insulting me, but to be honest I took it as a compliment, in work I would say it is one of my defining qualities. Not only that, but also one of the biggest contributors to the successes I have achieved.

Having an outcome-based mindset helps us to keep focused on our goals and objectives. It ensures that we don’t get sidetracked and that we are constantly reviewing our actions to make sure we are making the necessary progress towards the desired outcome. And if not, then we refine our approach.

I have lost count of the number of projects I have been brought in to turnaround where the only real change was to implement an outcome-based mindset in the teams.

Her are three simple benefits of having an outcome-based mindset.

It makes it easier for us to create plans as we know what we are trying to achieve.

It makes it easier for our teams to engage and contribute, when the desired outcomes are clear, understood, and communicated.

It makes it easier to assess whether we are not on track or not, and communicate progress to our teams.

I learned the importance of an outcome-based mindset the hard way.

When I first went to university my goal was to be the first member of our family to go to university, which I achieved. But once there I didn’t have an outcome in mind and consequently, this had led me to choose the wrong course. I became disinterested very quickly and consequently failed.

I failed because of a lack of an outcome-based mindset.

If you want help developing an outcome-based mindset select a time and lets talk about how I can help.