Another One Bites The Dust….

Yesterday I achieved another one my big goals, which was to help my friends complete one of their big goals, that of running a Marathon. Which is a major achievement.

It was a great feeling when I completed my first Marathon, but it just didn’t compare to the the feeling of seeing 3 friends who never thought they would ever do a Marathon, complete the Cologne Marathon, and even better all of them broke the 5 hour barrier.

The camaraderie, support and determination during, not only the race, but during the months of preparation, has been fantastic and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

In addition to this I also had several friends who completed their first half Marathon, which was a major achievement for them too.

Cologne Marathon


As a leader I believe the role is all about getting people to achieve things they previously felt were beyond them, and yesterday for 5 friends all of them did just that.

Seeing the smiles when they had crossed the line, were holding their medals and realising that they had completed the race was just priceless.

Also I mustn’t forget to thank my wife, who took all the photos and stood for 5 hours in the cold waiting for us to finish, without her support we would have him photos to remind us of the great day and a great achievement accomplished.

So, another major goal bites the dust!

Gordon Tredgold

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