Are Your Pushy Marketing Tactics Driving Customers Away?

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If your marketing tactics are too pushy, they’ll risk driving customers away instead of attracting them. Below are a few ways to ensure that your marketing isn’t too pushy.

Focus on content that is informative and useful

When looking to run a successful content marketing campaign, it’s important that your content is engaging. Too much salesy language and not enough detailed information is certain to drive customers away instead of engaging them – no-one wants to hear about how your product is the best unless you can back it up with facts and figures. 

More importantly, you should try to use content to educate customers. If you sell mattresses on your website, use your web copy to educate customers on the different types of mattress and what to look for in a good mattress. This could include using content to answer frequently asked questions such as ‘what is a hybrid mattress?’ and ‘what is a hypoallergenic mattress’? By taking away useful information from your content, potential customers will view you as helpful and look up to you as an expert, rather than someone simply trying to sell to them.  

Don’t overload your website with pop-ups

Pop-ups can be used to alert website visitors of important information on your site that they might otherwise scan over. However, you should use pop-ups sparingly. Triggering multiple pop-ups to appear as soon as someone has landed on your website could annoy your visitors and encourage them to leave your website. A much better pop-up strategy is to only trigger pop-ups to appear after visitors have been on your site for a certain amount of time or after visiting a certain page of your site. 

Only chase up leads if you have new information to offer

A common sales mistake that can often drive customers away is chasing up leads when you haven’t got any new information to offer them. If you keep chasing up customers without offering any updates, it may seem as if you’re nagging customers. Instead, find ways to disguise your chase-up calls and emails as opportunities to give them new and useful information. Perhaps you’re offering a new discount or new product that you weren’t offering before or perhaps there’s been a new development that could interest a lead. Make this the focus of your follow up call/email and then proceed to ask if they’re still interested. 

Allow buyers time to process information

Another pushy sales mistake to avoid is constantly bombarding customers with information without giving them time to process it. While we’re often taught to avoid ‘dead air’ on a sales call, that doesn’t mean that you should aim to fill every silence with incessant talking. Give your customers information in chunks and then use questions to ensure your customers are following or to help clarify certain terms and phrases. Make sure that you’re also speaking slowly and precisely so that the customer you’re talking to has more time to process each sentence.