Around The World in 80 Tweets

around the worldToday I was having a conversation on both Facebook with a friend in Udaipur, and at the same time was tweeting with someone who was in Kenya, and both of them invited me to come and stay with them when ever I am in their countries.

This is not the first time that people have invited me to come and visit their country and stay with them.

This has happened with people who follow my blog, Facebook posts and tweets, who live in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia, India and Kenya to name but just a few.

I am always touched when I hear these offers, it’s not that I am looking for them they are usually just offered genuinely out of the blue because people like what I write or my views on leadership.

I also get a lot of request from people to come and speak on leadership in their country, and often these requests are for me to do this for free, which is difficult for me to do as I need to pay bills as well as flight tickets, but if i could I would love to do it.

So, after these conversation I was thinking and I came up with a thought about why not see if I could find a way to travel round the world, speaking in many locations where they would like to hear my thoughts on leadership for free.

I wouldn’t charge for speaking and I would look to see if I could find a way to travel and stay for free.

Maybe with all my followers I could tweet where I would be going and see if they could help provide travel, loggings, food and I would look to speak in that location.

I even thought that it would make a great idea for a book, which I would call ‘Around the World in 80 Tweets”.

I am constantly amazed at the generosity of people and their willingness to offer support and help, so I think it could be possible.

The hardest part would be travel, as for some legs of the journey, such as Europe to America long range flights would be needed.

I am going to go away and think about this, I think it would be a great experience, it would definitely help my leadership understanding, and would be a great way of giving back, and I would also look to donate any profits from the book to charity.

I know that there are already people who use twitter for couch surfing, where they look to find people willing to provide accommodation, so this is possible.

I find the idea growing in my mind, it excites me, as it would allow me to combine many of my passions: travelling; writing; talking on leadership; and helping people.

I’d be really interested to know what you think, whether you believe this could work, whether people would be interested, my view is that they would, but I always find its best to ask.

I am sure that I would be able to try and get some airline to offer tickets to cover the travel, as it would be good publicity for them.

It’s amazing the directions our lives can go in when we open ourselves to possibilities, and this seems to be like a huge collection of possibilities.

So maybe you might see a tweet from me looking for accommodation in your town in the near future.

So watch this space as this is an idea that is growing and might become a reality 🙂

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles