As a Leader Nothing Feels Better


to inspireIt might seem hard to believe, but inspiring others to try, and to achieve is an incredible feeling.

To me, it’s even better than achieving myself, and it’s this that I think that makes me want to be a Leaders.

It is an incredible feeling when you see others achieve things which they previously felt were beyond them.

In April it was a great feeling when I completed the Marathon, but it was a much bigger thrill for me to see my friend Tarak compete his. Just a few weeks before he ran he wasn’t sure he could do it, but on the day he dug deep, and even overcame injury to complete his first Marathon.

It was a great day, we had both achieved our dream of running a Marathon, but for me it was extra special because I had helped to create the belief in someone that they could do it.

Imagine how I feel now, in October when I will run my second Marathon, but running with me will be my sister Alyson, and my friends Dave, Mithun & Bart, all of who will be looking to run their first Marathon.

I have trained with all of them at some stage, encouraged them, pushed them but most importantly given them the belief that they can do this.

I am sure when they hit the wall, and the pain kicks in during those last 6 miles, they will not thank for me for having persuaded them to give the Marathon a try.
They may even be cursing my name!

But that will be well worth it for the jubilation, euphoria, and real sense of achievement they will feel when they cross that finish line.

There are few feelings like it.

However, along with my feeling of euphoria of completing my second Marathon, will be a tremendous feeling of pride in my friends that they have achieved a major goal and that I played  a small part in giving them that belief.

As the photo says, “to be inspired is great, to inspire someone is incredible”.

So go on Inspire someone today!

We are running in support of Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer, this is my inspiration to run.

Here is a site where you can donate – every $ counts 🙂

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