Attitude Reflects Leadership

lionIf you want to have a FAST team then you need to be a FAST Leader, as the attitudes of the team are a reflection of the leaders.

So leadership starts with you, leaders have to lead themselves first, they need to be role models for the types of behaviours they want to see in their teams.

Leaders can’t set big bold goals for their teams if they don’t set big goals for themselves, you can’t inspire others if you can’t inspire yourself to aim high.

So everything starts with you, and it has to be in everything you do, in business, in life and online. We are leaders 24 hours a day, it’s not something that we can just turn on and turn off, it’s not a job, it’s more than that, it’s who we are and people want to see our leadership in everything we do.

When I ran my first marathon at 52, one of the benefits was that it showed my teams, my colleagues, that not only do I want to push them to achieve big things, but that I also want to do that for myself. This turned out to be a great example, because there was not hiding place, there was no one to delegate this too, I had to show them that I was prepared to dig deep in order to hit a big, bold beautiful goal.

By pushing myself, it allowed me to push my team even further.

In the bible it says Do to others as you would have them do to you, as a leader you should only do unto others that which you are prepared to do to yourself. The higher the standard you hold yourself to, the higher the standard you can hold your team to.

If you want to have a FAST team them you need to be FAST: you need to be Focused, keep your eyes on the prize; you need to be Accountable, you need to walk your talk and keep the commitments you make, you need to keep things Simple, eliminate any tasks or meetings that add no value; and lastly you need to be transparent, you need to be open, clear, and honest in everything you do.

When you do that, then you will you team will follow you lead, and they too will be FAST, they will become inspired and engaged, and it’s inspired engaged teams which achieve astounding results.

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