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Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve Revolutionary Results

One of the secrets to achieving revolutionary results is to eliminate the main reason for failure. When you do that, you position yourself to not only achieve your goals, but also to exceed them.

Following, I have listed the top 10 causes of failure that we need to avoid in order to achieve revolutionary results.

Lack […]

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Inspiration and Engagement

I was reminded just recently how important Inspiration is in creating engaged teams when I was chatting with some former colleagues about how at the moment they just going through the motions after the latest re-organization, which still needs to be fully explained and implemented.

Too often companies just expect employees to be engaged without having […]

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What Does It Take To Be An Inspiring Leader ?

If there is one question which I get asked more than any other, even more than are leaders born or made, it’s what does it take to become an Inspiring Leader?.

I have a strong belief that Inspiring Leadership can move mountains and can help us make significant improvements in performance and results, but also that […]

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Change for Change Sake!

Throughout my career one of the things that seems to repeatedly happen were Organisation Changes that made no sense whatsoever.

Either they had little to no benefit and they didn’t really make an significant change in the way things were done, or they were actually detrimental to performance as they confused the organisation and they disrupted […]

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Best Boss I Ever Had

Having written about the worst boss I ever had, I thought I would balance things out a little with an article about the best boss I ever had.

I was fortunate to work for him for 4 years and I can say, they were the best four years of my career.

In all the time I worked […]

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Power of Recognition

As I sit and watch the London Marathon and listen to the people participating, it’s clear the power that recognition has, on pushing the runners towards their goal.

People often tell me that recognition needs to be sincere, and the achievements worthy of it, in order for the recognition to be appreciated, and for it to […]

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I wanted to take the opportunity today to thank everyone who has read, shared or commented on my blog over the past few months.

This has led to my blog being recognised as One of the Top 50 Leadership Blogs to watch in 2013, and as one of the Top 30 Hidden Gems of Leadership blogs.

As […]

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Faster, Better, and Cheaper is it possible?

There is a saying “Faster, Better, Cheaper pick any two!”

The implication being that it’s not possible to deliver all three together.

This defeatist attitude probably often stops people from even attempting to try, knowing that others that have gone before have failed.

On individual tasks or products, this saying might possibly be true.

However, when we extend our […]

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Show confidence in your team and they will return the compliment.

Leaders define the culture in their organisations and if, as Leaders, we don’t show confidence in our people, then this is the culture that we will create.

A culture where there is little confidence or trust: either between the teams; in the teams; and ultimately there will be little to no confidence in the Leader.

If we […]

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