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How to Innovatively Improve Business Productivity

Productivity is a term that many business owner are acutely aware of. Running a smooth, effective and highly productive company is something you want to achieve without a doubt. There are many reasons why your productivity might be lagging, but it takes a confident entrepreneur to notice these downfalls. If you think your company is […]

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How To Navigate The Glass Cliff

As if the difficulty of breaking through the glass ceiling wasn’t enough, professional women have to navigate yet another barrier to advancing in the workplace: the glass cliff. This phenomenon is characterized by what all-too-frequently happens when women are given leadership roles in a corporation when business is suffering. Women executives are appointed to these […]

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Podcast: Importance of Coaching

This is an interview I did with Krista Mollion on leadership, coaching and getting results.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of coaching, and that stems from sports, but it wasn’t until I found that I was becoming my own limitation on what could be achieved that I added coaching to my leadership […]

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Measuring the Virtue of Entrepreneurship Dependent Economic Growth in the Modern World

Many brave youngsters have stepped in as the entrepreneurs in the market to build their
own path with the idea of flourishing their country with the innovative wave of
entrepreneurship which can drive the better results. It is very important to
develop the economy using the latest
innovations. There is a lot of
competition going around. In various parts of […]

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How to Build Your Personal Brand

As an aspiring business
leader, you’ll be well aware of the value of your personal brand. It’s what
proceeds you as you work towards your ambitious goals – a brand that
encapsulates your character, your determination, and your skills. This article
looks at how you can build your personal brand, making for yourself a strong
and suitable image that helps […]

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Four Easy Ways to Boost Your Profits in 2019

Boosting profits is always on the mind of successful and ambitious businesspeople. It’s how the best businesses drive innovation and remain one step ahead of their competitors. In concentrating deeply on sales strategies and other profit-boosting methods, though, business leaders can often overlook some of the easiest ways to make money, through some of the […]

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Key Factors Behind Employee Unproductivity

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When the success (or failure) of your business depends on the employees in your care, then you need to ensure they are working as productively as possible. If they aren’t pulling their weight, for whatever reason, then you, as the leader, need to take steps to put things right.

In this article, we will look […]

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5 Ways Your Company Is Wasting Time

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Time is money in business. Every time you waste time doing a task, you’re wasting resources that could have used doing something more productive. Many companies waste time without realising. Here are just five common sources of timewasting that your business may need to address.

Manually doing tasks that can be […]

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6 Tips For Women Who Want To Become Leaders

Women are gaining more and more power across different industries.
They are becoming leaders and finding ways to surpass their male counterparts
while still being true to themselves. However, the numbers are still not where
they need to be. Many industries are still very closed off for women and they
have a boys culture that refuses to accept women […]

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Seven Stupid Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Getting Promoted

Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean that you’re not going to make dumb mistakes, mistakes that can hamper your career and hold you back.

No matter how smart you are, you won’t achieve your full potential until you stop making these seven stupid mistakes.

1. Believe thinking and talking are the same as doing.

Planning and preparation are important ingredients in achieving […]

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