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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Leader

In a coaching session a client they asked me, “what were the main things I wish I’d known that would have helped me become a better leader sooner”. 

This got me thinking about my first real leadership role, which was over 25 years ago when I took over the lead on a Project that I had […]

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3 Keys To Starting a Business with Student Loan Debt

When growing your small business, there are a lot of factors to balance to stay afloat. Between acquiring clients and keeping your finances in check, things like the culture of your workplace can be forgotten. Although it can be hard to see how fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace can impact your business’s bottom line, […]

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How to Decide on What Type of Higher Education You Should Pursue

Finding your calling in life is never a straight line. You may pursue
something, and one day come to the realization that it wasn’t exactly what you
should have done. So, how exactly should you decide on the type of higher
education that you should pursue? Why should you even obtain an undergraduate
degree or a masters for that […]

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6 Mistakes Rookie Leaders Make

The transition from technical expert to first-time leader is a difficult step and one that causes many to stumble and fail. I know this from personal experience.

In fact, I initially struggled to get the respect of my team, almost lost control and failed to deliver the project I was leading. Fortunately, I had a very supportive manager […]

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How Group Collaboration at Work Improves Productivity

While many
workers are forced to compete against each other as individuals, collaborative
projects can help to increase productivity as well as having a number of benefits for your employee’s mental
health. Many workers feel isolated at work, which leads to low motivation and
negative mindsets; collaborative work can change this by being inclusive and
allowing people to work together […]

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How to Deal with Difficult Employees

Whether as a manager or a coworker, at some point in time almost
everyone will have to deal with a difficult employee. There are many ways to
deal with difficult people such as transferring them, firing them or in some
way simply removing the issue. In other cases, however, the difficult employee
may actually be an effective and valuable […]

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10 Things Great Leaders Say That Create Engaged Teams

Great leadership is about creating great relationships with your teams and inspiring them to go above and beyond. Here are 10 things that great leaders say to create highly engaged and motivated teams. They cost nothing but the returns can be amazing.

Sorry, my fault.

No one is perfect and by owning up to mistakes it builds trust, and it also sets […]

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Interview on HR Leaders Podcast

I had a great interview with Chris Rainey on his HR Leaders podcast. We covered a lot of topics, we talked about Employee Disengagement, FAST, Sales, Poor Leadership, the Power of Simplicity.

It was great fun with a lot of interesting insights and I think you will find it entertaining and informational.

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4 Simple Things That You Can Do To Improve Your Leadership Today!

One of the biggest myths about leadership, that I hate, is that leadership is difficult. Now I don’t disagree that some people make leadership hard, or find it hard to lead, but that’s not the same as leadership being hard.

 Leadership can be easy, and I wanted to share four secret tips that you can do right now, that will […]

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6 Leadership Qualities You Should Seek When Hiring New Managers

are provided with major responsibility when they’re introduced into a new
organisation and their leadership in an authoritative role can either make or
break the success of a business. How they act when managing a team can either
develop brand new leaders and allow your business to grow or discourage the
team and have it whittled down to its […]

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