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Success Isn’t Just About Winning

Success isn’t just about winning

I love this photograph because it tells us so much about both success and happiness. Even though the child in pink boots is in first place they don’t look happy, and neither do they understand the happiness and joy being shown by the child in 3rd place.

Too many people see winning […]

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Measuring the Virtue of Entrepreneurship

Measuring the virtue of entrepreneurship dependent economic growth in the modern world

Many brave youngsters have stepped in as the entrepreneurs in the market to build their own path with the idea of flourishing their country with the innovative wave of entrepreneurship which can drive the better results. It is very important to develop the economy […]

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5 Tips for Creating a Winning Startup Culture


Entrepreneur defines a corporate culture as the principles that guide how a company’s owners and employees behave. A new startup company’s leaders must conscientiously and deliberately establish its own corporate culture. There is evidence that corporate culture contributes significantly to the level of corporate success attained. While a corporate culture will develop with or without […]

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Building A Leadership Brand

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me on my leadership journey over the last five years. When I started to write I had no real big goal, other than to share my thoughts on leadership and to give people tools and tips on how to be better leaders. So it was a complete […]

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#1 Reason Why Your Business Is Not Getting The Disruption It Needs

Throughout my career, I have always been a disrupter.

Partly because when it came to doing things the normal way my performance was good, but not great. 

And that wasn’t good enough for me.

So I was constantly looking for new ways of doing things, and challenging the status quo. Questioning why some things were done the […]

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Are You Ready For Leadership 4.0?

The old command and control style of Leadership has been under attack for many years, but now we are facing the perfect storm, one that will consign it the trash can of history.

Today’s Digital Economy is driving the pace of change, the need to respond rapidly to respond to the needs of customers, who now […]

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Honoured to be #5 on FeedSpot Top 100 Leadership Blogs

I’d just like to say big thank you to everyone who has read, shared, commented and provided feedback on my blog. Your support has been a great encouragement to me to keep going and sharing my thoughts on Leadership.

When I first started writing back in 2012 it never occurred to me how far I would […]

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5 Key Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Using Invoice Financing

Securing the necessary funds to operate your start-up business can be a challenge for you. In such a situation, you may assume the best thing to do is start bootstrapping. You carry on your commercial activities by making use of the monetary resources available to you. However, prominent experts say you should give invoice financing […]

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3 Key Things to do Before Starting a Business

Many people are realizing that their dreams are valid and it’s possible to make them a part of their reality. As a result, there is a wave of new entrepreneurs breaking into different industries and making their mark. You may be reading this because you’ve recently thought about starting a business and are curious about […]

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Leadership: We Don’t Need Another Hero (Video)

Making the move from team member to team leader can be tough. But making the move from team leader to leading leaders is even tougher.

When you lead a team, you are still part of the team, you can still get involved hands-on and steer the tasks, or help do the work. You expertise can contribute […]

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