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Four Ways to Recover After an Incident at Work

Workplace accidents and injuries are not, unfortunately, not too uncommon. In some cases, they are just that – accidents. In others, your injuries would have developed over time due to bad habits, like slouching at your desk. In the worst case scenario, however, you have been seriously hurt at work due to negligence. For example, […]

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How to De-Stress Your Employees

It is common for employees to become stressed out in the workplace from their daily tasks. Looming deadlines, busy meetings, not to mention everything else going on outside of their job. Stress is a natural occurrence in the workplace – and when gone unchecked, high stress levels can be the cause of many health issues. […]

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7 Funding Possibilities to Realize Capital for Your Business

Every business in the world begins with a unique concept and approach to making a difference in the market. There are high hopes and objectives being set up by the owners along with the confidence of the investors in the business idea. However, when it comes to raising startup capital for setting up a new […]

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The Real Secret Power Of Good Leadership

The real secret of good leadership has the power to transform performance, and transform it in a way that can seem unbelievable. 

As an example the football team i follow, Leeds United, last season we finished middle of the table, we were dull, uninspired and uninspiring. 

Yet with the new leader coming in with the exact same […]

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#1 Reason Why AGILE Implementations Fail

Agile is an excellent philosophy and the benefits it can bring to organisations can be substantial.

The challenge is, that many companies see AGILE is a change in development philosophy.  While that is true, it also requires a change management and leadership philosophy and if you do not address this, then it’s likely your implementation […]

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Avoid These 7 Common Workplace Communications Errors

Bad communication practices can lead to mismanagement, low morale, and conflict. If you’re finding that you’re repeatedly being misunderstood, the problem probably lies with you. Communication is a bit of an art. You need to get your information across without sharing too much or too little. Too much and you could overwhelm your recipient with […]

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5 Leadership Lessons From Scrums’ Agile Framework

I love the Scrum Framework, not just as a development framework but also as a leadership framework and here are five reasons why.

You must have a clear and agreed view of what success means.Delegate decision making to the right level in the organisationThe use of Servant LeadershipKeeps meetings to a minimum 9number and duration)Strong transparency […]

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Fear Is Not A Sustainable Motivator (Video)

Fear is not a sustainable motivator, yes it might give you a short term bump in productivity, but in the long term is kills performance.

Fear causes doubt, it makes people worry, it makes them think about what will happen if they fail, and where your thoughts go your efforts go.

Fear will end up causing procrastination […]

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Why Openness Is Key To Leadership

Openness is key to building strong connections with your teams. The stronger the connections, the more engaged and committed your teams will be, to achieving the goals and objectives.

Openness make you approachable as a leader, which give people the feeling that they are working with you and not for you. 

When you demonstrate openness people will […]

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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Student Entrepreneur

Regardless of your age, educational background and other credentials, making the decision to become an entrepreneur is not a matter to take lightly. Entrepreneurs must devote many long hours to their business venture regularly, and this includes from the business planning stage through to the launch, regular operations and more.

As a college student, you may […]

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