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Five Regrets of A Failed Start Up

Ninety percent of start up companies fail, some for reasons which were completely avoidable, others because of a lack of confidence, preparation or understanding of what was needed to be successful. I have experienced some of that failure myself. Afterward, there is always that feeling of regret for things that, in hindsight, you would differently […]

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7 Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make That Limit Their Careers

Just because you’re clever doesn’t mean that you’re not going to make stupid mistakes, mistakes that can hamper your career and hold you back.
No matter how smart you are, you won’t achieve your full potential until you stop making this seven stupid mistakes.
1. Believe thinking and talking are the same as doing.
Planning and preparation are […]

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Crack The Leadership Code 2017

Check out my interview on Crack The Leadership Code with the brilliant Michelle Pizer, where we talk about failure, and what we can learn from that. We also talk about the power of Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation, and how we can use them to get more people engaged.  In the US only 30% of people […]

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4 Things Every Employee Wants From Their Leader – That are Simple To Do!

While it can be difficult to become a great leader and to achieve great things. Practicing great leadership is actually quite easy. There is a tendency to overcomplicate or overthink what leadership is, but actually, leadership can be very simple. I have worked with teams all over the world, from dozens of cultures, and from […]

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12 Common Traits of Successful Traders

For many people, the most beneficial traits for success include focus, passion, commitment, and determination, just to name a few. While these traits are also beneficial for traders who trade the markets, they are not enough to see them through. Traders should know how to leverage their positions to boost returns and manage risk. Successful […]

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How Emotionally Intelligent Are you?

People get promoted because of the technical skills and their intellect, but it’s your emotional intelligence that determines how successful you will be as a leader.

Leadership requires you to have great self-awareness, humility and ability to connect with people, build relationships, and emotional intelligence is key to all of this.

So how emotionally intelligent are you? […]

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Feedback – 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback (Infographic)

Feedback is critical leadership task, it can help motivate and inspire or it can frustrate and demotivate your staff. The better you are at giving feedback the better the leader you will become. Here’s a great guest post on giving negative feedback as recommended by Neomam Studios, you can find the original post here.

Giving feedback […]

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This Week America – FAST Interview

Check out my interview on This Week America with Ric Bratton.

I share tips on achieving success and driving results, and also who i got started in leadership, and where I learnt many of the things that made me a successful leader.

If you would like to know more about FAST and FAST Coaching just email me […]

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What Does Inspiration Look Like?

Inspiration is a powerful tool that can change the world, it can change the way you think and it can be a source of benefit to many.

That was reinforced for me yesterday when I received this video from my good friend Isaac who is a tireless worker, who looks to help improve his community and […]

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Why Facebook Should be a Pillar of Your Marketing Strategy

 Although it originated as a means for social interaction, more and more businesses have seen the golden opportunity provided to them by Facebook. As well as being able to set up a business page for free, there are loads of great features like Facebook ads and Facebook Live which easily create content such as video […]

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