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How to Make a Successful Transition from Standard to Home Office

In 2016, 43% of American workers telecommuted. Remote workers report greater job satisfaction and are more likely to maintain a solid work-life balance. While rolling out of bed and walking to your home office sounds ideal, it does require some adjustment. With some planning, you can ease the transition from the standard office to your […]

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4 Things the Trucking Industry Can Do to Improve its Efficiency

The manufacturing world has applied a number of process improvement methodologies to boost improvement. Lean manufacturing seeks to do more with less, whether that involves lower costs, fewer people, less downtime or fewer steps. Protocols like Six Sigma seek to improve quality to near perfect and attempt to achieve both of those objectives at once. […]

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Interview for BTOES 2017 – Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Conference


Here’s my interview on Business Transformation and Operational Excellence for BTOES, a conference I will be speaking at on Thursday March 23 2017.

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6 Things All Struggling Entrepreneurs Need to Know


Success is not owed to anyone you got to get out there, work hard and earn it all. It’s a struggle and many people give up when the going gets tough. Entrepreneurs must learn that their start up isn’t bound for success and should be considered a great opportunity to learn. This is to the […]

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What to Do When Your Business is Stuck in a Rut

No matter how much growth you’ve had, at times business will feel like it’s slowed to a trickle. During such periods, you may become discouraged and concerned for your future. However, there are some effective strategies to get you through the lean periods. Let’s see what you can do to get your business back on […]

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Why Your Hardware Matters More Than You Think in Business

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day affairs with running a business that we don’t stop to think what would happen if the technology we use day in and day out were to suddenly fail us. That is a very real possibility and at the very least, are we getting the […]

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How to Lead a Successful Marketing Campaign

The process of developing and leading a marketing campaign is one of the most difficult tasks that you will face in business. You will be in charge of a full team, budget and the success of the campaign will be on your head – but don’t let any of this put you off! In some […]

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5 Practical Ways to Overcome Your Leadership Fear

Getting a promotion to a leadership position is a career breakthrough that many people hope to achieve. To the lucky individual, it is a sign of recognition and appreciation for their actions. However, as the excitement of career advancement sinks in, with it comes fear and anxiety. The new expectations that accompany the position may […]

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Guest Post – The Mistakes Of A Millennial Leader.

As a Millennial coming up in your career, you may be approaching your first leadership position, if you aren’t there already. Well this is for you. During my career as a young military leader I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I want to share with you the hardest lesson I’ve learned:

When I first joined the […]

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4 Modern Innovations Every Entrepreneur Should Know

4 Modern Innovations Every Entrepreneur Should Know
The best trends in tech are often set by entrepreneurs, not large companies. There’s a reason why most success stories start in someone’s garage — the ability to work with new tech without the trouble of corporate red tape gives up-and-comers the ability to jump on new trends and […]

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