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My 3 Different Types of Procrastination And How I Try To Deal With Them


A lot of time procrastination is classified as a form of laziness, a lack of focus or a lack of desire to do what we have on our to do list, and I know that for me that’s often the case.

But I have different types of procrastination and each one of them has a different […]

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Continuous Feedback Creates Continuous Improvement

With more and more companies jettisoning Annual Performance Reviews, Accenture, Deloittes, etc., we need an alternative, one that will be popular both with the people being assessed and the people doing the assessment, and one which will add benefit to the organisation. Continuous Feedback is the new approach which is seen as the Win-Win-Win solution. […]

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How Belief Can Transform an Organisation

Belief is a very powerful force, the more belief we have the more success we have.

Belief starts with the leader. The leader needs to have the team believe in them, and when that happens it allows the leader to build belief in the team.  


The currently Leicester City team which confounds the critics and sits […]

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9 Warning Signs That Your Staff Are About To Quit

Guest post recommended by NeoMam Studios by CascadeHR the original post can be found here.

9 Warning Signs That Your Staff Are About To Quit

Unemployment in the UK is at a ten year low, falling by 60,000 between October and December 2015. Although this is positive news for the wider economy, it can present employers with […]

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Results Through Influence

In today’s world where many services are outsourced to third parties, or we work in a virtual or matrixes organisation; we often have to lead people where we do not have direct control over them.

This can be a difficult situation, especially for people who have only managed through direct control, where resources are in the […]

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Guest Post – Leaders vs. Managers: 17 Traits That Set Them Apart

Here’s a great infographic and guest post on the difference between leaders and managers.  I am a strong believer that these are two different skills different sides of the same coin, and that we need both in order to be successful.

Guest Post – Leaders V Managers: 17 Traits That Set Them Apart

Let’s set the record […]

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Guest Post – “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Why the six word novel should inspire our communication

Here’s a great guest post that was shared with me by Jonathan Boddy. As a master of Simplicity I love this approach to communication because the simpler we can communicate the more understanding our teams will have and this will help us achieve much greater results. Understanding increases confidence and confidence is key to success.



“For […]

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FAST Leadership Show – An Ounce of Image

You’ve all probably heard the phrase ‘An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance’ and like me you probably wish it wasn’t true, nut unfortunately it is.

Too often people with the right image get promoted above their more capable colleagues just because they look right, they have the right style even though, in […]

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Guest Post – The Lone Wolf: Ideal Special Forces Soldier?

Here’s a great guest post from Phil Lee about the recruitment process within Elite Special Forces and it examines the relationship between the importance of individual brilliance and teamwork.

Phil Lee is the CEO and Found of KUTA and he is a highly commended human resource Consultant, Coach and Training professional, with an extensive track record […]

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Why We All Need Recognition ?

Watching the 2016 Oscars, I was reminded just how important recognition is, and the power it has to help push us forward to achieve new goals and reach new levels of performance.
Even for multimillionaires, the opportunity to be recognized in front of their peers represents the pinnacle of their careers. F Murray Abraham, who won […]

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