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3 Signs It’s Time To Let Them Go

One of the least pleasant sides of management is letting underperforming, or disruptive staff go. It’s never an easy thing to do to tell someone they are no longer needed or wanted. However, it is something that we need to do if we want to create high performing organisations.
Knowing if you have a problem is […]

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The Toughest Job of All Is To Drive Change.

As a leader, the toughest job of all is to drive change.
Why is that? Well because most people hate change, and getting them to do something they hate and don’t want to do is next to impossible.
Too many of the changes that fail because companies didn’t get people bought into the change, and without buy-in […]

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Everyone Wants To Do A Great Job, Our Job Is to Help Them

I honestly believe that no one comes to work looking to do a bad job. Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to go home at the end of the day feeling like they achieved something and that they didn’t waste their time.
Just picking up a paycheck having spent 8 unproductive hours at work is […]

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Empowerment => Accountability => Success

Empowerment leads to increased accountability and increased accountability leads to a higher probability of success.
When we delegate tasks to our staff, they do not automatically assume that they are empowered to deliver them, often they need to be explicitly told that they are also empowered.
Without empowerment they don’t feel accountable for the task, they just […]

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What’s Stopping You From Empowering Your Team?

Creating an empowered team should be the goal of every single leader, but it’s amazing how many people in leadership teams refuse to do that.
In this video I cover why I believe that is and why we should look to overcome those challenges.

If you want to improve your leadership then why not check out our […]

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Chief Recognition Officer

My name is Carine Tredgold, Chief Recognition Officer at Gordon Tredgold LLC, and today I am thrilled to share, with you, my first article in the Success Blog.
I am both proud of my job title, and also sad at the same time because unfortunately this a position/role which is absent from many Organizational Charts, but […]

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7 Ways To Better Engage and Empower Millennials

Millennials are, in my honest opinion, a much-maligned group with lots of negative comments about them feeling entitled, being self-centered, lazy, etc., etc.
But whatever we baby boomers or Generation X’ers think about Millennials they are now the largest group within the workforce and very quickly they will become the majority and those companies which can […]

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So What Does a Project Manager Do?

While the title project manager may carry many different meanings and responsibilities, the truth is a project manager occupies an unenviable and often demanding position that involves supervising diverse personnel categories, teams and facilitators tasked with successfully completing a project within a specified period. As such, a good project manager must be a competent planner, […]

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Breaking Through Communication Apprehension

Guest Post from Brandeis University.
When asked, a majority of Americans said that public speaking topped their list of fears. Communication appears to be the hallmark of our generation. It is the focal point of most aspects of human living. How well, or poorly, you are able to put across your thoughts and point of view […]

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The First Time I Really Understood Empowerment

There is a difference between knowing and understanding, and for years I knew about Empowerment, but I never really understood it.
It’s only when you truly understand something that you can fully benefit from it.
That moment came to me, not from reading a book, but from working for a leader who not only understood empowerment, he also […]

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