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How to Maximize Your Business Outreach This Year

A business must grow to succeed. For some, this means expanding reach. No matter what your business offers, seeking room for improvement whenever possible is the only feasible way to expand with success. 

Improving your company’s outreach is a very effective method of increasing your profit margin, without contributing to the issue of overconsumption. To […]

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How To Handle Being Bullied At Work

we think of bullying, we tend to revert back to our school days when we used to
witness it on the playground. However, bullying in the workplace is just as
common and it can have a larger effect in the adult world compared to a bit of
name-calling in the classroom. In many cases, bullying tends to go […]

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How to Get Ahead in the Business World

It’s January, and if you’ve got business growth on the top of your year plan — you’re not alone.

As we begin a fresh new year, many entrepreneurs are hoping for a large development in their business.

And we are all aware that the business industry can be a dog-eat-dog world at times. In this post, we […]

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Why Persistence Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

If you want to know why persistence is a necessary characteristic in leadership and in business then check out this video.

I know from personal and painful experience that this can be exactly how it feels when you decided to start a business.

As the Chinese proverb says “If you get up one more time than you […]

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Will Continuous Performance Management Propel Your Business Forward?

Managing employee performance and providing feedback is crucial to the success of any business. Surveys actually indicate 65% of employees want to receive more feedback than they currently do.

That doesn’t mean you should extend the length of annual performance review sessions. Surveys also reveal that the vast majority of workers feel annual reviews aren’t helpful. […]

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Why Self Interest And Leadership Is a Bad Mix

True leadership is about serving others, not about being served. But too often we see leaders involved in self interest much to the detriment to the people they are hired or selected to serve.

There are two great example of this going on right now both in the US and in the UK.

In the UK as […]

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Follow Your Passion

I was watching a great video today about an Engineer who on retiring decided to take up art. He had been an Engineer all his life, but he knew deep down that he wanted to be an artist. The video showed some of his work, and even though he had never had a […]

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Leadership And Influence

I was honored to be included in the Influencer Times for 2019. Influencer Times is a selected list of 2790 and Influencers selected from around the world.

It covers a wide range of influencers from various areas such as Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Entertainment, Speakers, Athletes, Bloggers, and many others. It includes people like […]

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Meetings Are They Worth The Cost?

I read an article recently that stated that billions of dollars are wasted in unnecessary and inefficient meetings. This got me thinking, how true this was and what we could to make improvements.

I know you have all been sat in meetings that you felt added little or no value, where the time could have been […]

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8 Tips On Writing a Business Plan To Gain Investors

A business
plan is vital for your success, especially if it’s directed at investors. It
helps them understand the premise upon which your business is built and it
shows them if it can succeed on the market.

businesses know the general structure of a business plan:

Executive summary Company description Market analysis Organization and management Service or productMarketing and […]

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