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Are You Just Playing At Diversity and Inclusion?

Last week was a big first for me regarding diversity and inclusion.

After working for over 20 years in senior leadership positions, I attended a meeting where there were more women than men in leadership positions than men.

The meeting was a program review board and of the 20 people in attendance 13 were women, that’s 65% of the […]

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5 Ways to Make Lean Work for You – No Matter What’s Your Business

Is your market becoming increasingly competitive? Are you struggling to turn a profit and remain viable in your niche? Are you wondering how you can continue to turn a profit and hopefully grow when you are facing these serious issues?

These are some of the more pressing questions that many of today’s smaller and larger […]

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Embracing The UnExpected

Our journey’s are not always clear cut or obvious. I know you might think that’s a strange thing for me to say as I am a very big advocate of setting bold goals, laying the path and setting your own destiny.

But, whilst that is true, sometimes opportunities just present themselves to us, especially when we […]

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How to Improve the Communication of Your Company

Communication is one of the pillars that holds any business together. Without it, your business will likely collapse as a result of miscommunication and confusion. For this reason, looking for ways to communicate better in an organization should always be on the agenda. It goes beyond having team meetings or sending emails. If you want […]

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5 Reasons Tedx Rejected You

Like many people, I wanted to do a Tedx talk. It’s a great brand to be associated with, it helps to boost your visibility and credibility which are all great to help you boost your business.

The challenge is that the competition is very fierce. For each TedX event there are usually 12 speakers required and […]

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Why Motivation is Not Enough!

multiethnic Group of young business people throwing documents and looking happy while celebrating success at their working places in night office

Let me start by saying that I am a believer in the power of motivation, but that I definitely believe that motivation alone is not enough.

Also motivation shouldn’t be the starting point when your are […]

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Is an MBA the Right Degree for You?

There are many reasons why pursuing a master’s degree is a worthy investment to consider. You can be a better business owner or perform better in your career with the skills and experience acquired while pursuing the master’s degree. The process of getting the degree itself is enriching, especially if you pursue a degree in […]

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Why My TedX Talk Scared Me To Death

Fear is an interesting thing. So much of it is irrational. Fear of the unknown, fear of things that have practically zero possibility of happening, and for some, the fear of the bizarre e.g. Clowns.

But when fear strikes it can paralyze us, make us panic and put us in a position where seemingly easy things […]

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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Your workforce is your most valuable resource. You can have the latest cutting-edge technology in the world, but if you don’t have the right team, then it’s all for nothing. That’s why it’s essential that you are always looking for ways to ensure that you attract and then keep the […]

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7 Truths About Accountability You Need to Know

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, senior executives and management teams one topic that is always difficult to broach is accountability. Many people don’t understand what accountability is, why it’s important, or where it starts. Yes they understand accountability is important, but don’t know how to create a culture of accountability, they just hope it will happen.

But hope is […]

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