Be Fit to Lead in 2015!

fit to leadAs leaders we need to have great energy and dynamism in order be great examples and role models for our teams.

And we can only do that if we are in great physical shape!

The better our physical well being, the better our stamina, the sharper our minds and the easier we deal with the day-to-day stresses that life and business throws at us.

I know that many of you will be thinking about setting a New Years Resolution to get fit, lose weight, or maybe even join a gym. I know I have done that in the past, but usually it all comes to nought.

So this year why not join me, with my great friend Laura London, and take her 30 day fitness challenge.

Laura is one of the best when it comes to finding workouts, she has routines for everyone no matter your current shape, level of fitness or available time to train.

She has one minute exercises, excesses you can do in the car whilst waiting at the lights, and we all do that, so there are no excuses and imagine how great you will feel at the end of the 30 day!.

You can sign up here to join her 30 day challenge, one that I will be undertaking too, so we can keep an eye on each other, and make sure we burn off those holiday calories and get ourselves in a better shape to lead.

Come on let’s start 2015 in great shape!


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