Be Open To Possibilities

kuta-busIt’s amazing what we can do, and what opportunities are presented to us, when we are open to possibilities.

One of my coaches, Julie Starr, has always told me that if we pursue our goals with a good heart and good intentions then the universe will bend towards us and help us on our way.

As much as you might think this sounds like wishful thinking, or mumbo jumbo, I have to say that the more open I am, and the more I pursue things with an open heart and good intentions, the more i see amazing possibilities open up.

Who would have thought I’d be offered a Visiting professorship, but here i am a Visiting Professor, all because I was open to that possibility, and pursued my Leadership writings and speaking with good intention and am open heart.

Today I saw another perfect example of that, my brother Phil, has been helping charities to raise money for noble causes for a long time, many many years, this is something that he has pursued with good intention and an open heart, often doing the work for free.

It is his passion, his way of giving back.

In order to increase the amount of money he can help raise, he needs to buy a minibus to help transport the walkers, who walk for charities, he has been reluctant to ask people to contribute, it’s just not his way.

But after much persuading he has agreed to do that to run a appeal that will help him raise over $18,000 needed to buy the minibus, and within a day he has raised 25% of the money needed.

He has given so much of his time for free and helped so many people, he is clearly following this path with an open heart and good intention, and now you see people looking to help.

With the help of the minibus he is looking to raise an additional $2m for charities over the next 4 years, which is a very noble aim 🙂

By not asking for contributions, he was actually stopping people from helping, people who wanted to contribute to the good that he was doing.

So we need to be open, and give people who want to help us the chance to help.

The world is a fantastic place and there are so many great people out there, people who are either looking for help. or who want to provide help, and we just need to find a way to make the connections that can help improve it further.

Today it’s my turn to be able to provide that help

If you’d like to contribute, then follow the link below.

Mini Bus Appeal 

Gordon Tredgold

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