Most people can be successful if you can show them how and then focus on what’s important.

More often than not when teams have had poor results or have failed to deliver it’s usually it was because they were focused on the wrong things. It was never due to ...
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Everyone who comes to work wants to do a good job and be successful.
 As a Leader, I believe my job is to put them into a position where they can be successful.

I honestly believe that no one comes to work looking to do a bad job. Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to go home at the end of the day feeling ...
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Fundamental beliefs

These are some of my fundamental beliefs which help shape the way I lead and manage people. They form the basis for my leadership philosophy. I will go into more details on ...
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Leadership beginnings

I wanted to start my blog with my first experience of leadership and the impact it had on me, my beliefs and the start of the definition of my own leadership philosophy ...
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