5 Leadership Lessons From Scrums’ Agile Framework

I love the Scrum Framework, not just as a development framework but also as a leadership framework and here are five reasons why.

You must have a clear and agreed view of what success means.Delegate decision making to the right level in the organisationThe use of Servant LeadershipKeeps meetings to a minimum 9number and duration)Strong transparency […]

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Fear Is Not A Sustainable Motivator (Video)

Fear is not a sustainable motivator, yes it might give you a short term bump in productivity, but in the long term is kills performance.

Fear causes doubt, it makes people worry, it makes them think about what will happen if they fail, and where your thoughts go your efforts go.

Fear will end up causing procrastination […]

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Why Openness Is Key To Leadership

Openness is key to building strong connections with your teams. The stronger the connections, the more engaged and committed your teams will be, to achieving the goals and objectives.

Openness make you approachable as a leader, which give people the feeling that they are working with you and not for you. 

When you demonstrate openness people will […]

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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Student Entrepreneur

Regardless of your age, educational background and other credentials, making the decision to become an entrepreneur is not a matter to take lightly. Entrepreneurs must devote many long hours to their business venture regularly, and this includes from the business planning stage through to the launch, regular operations and more.

As a college student, you may […]

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Dealing With Underperforming Employees

As Leaders one of the hardest tasks you have to deal with is underperforming employees. This is especially true for people new to leadership, and it can be quite a daunting prospect.  It can feel confrontational, especially if the person is older or has more experience than you.

But you have to deal with it. If […]

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Why Is Culture Important For Your Organisation

Culture eats strategy for breakfast is a phrase that many of you will have heard, but why is that? What is it that makes culture so important?

Culture is what defines how your teams will act in certain situations, especially when the going is tough or stressful. Those team with a winning culture will dig in, […]

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The One Thing You Need To Understand About Your Companies Culture

Changing corporate culture is hard, and many companies make it even harder by not understanding the different segments that make up their company.

In every company, there are different groups, each of which have a different willingness, or resistance to accepting change and you need to have a strategy and plan for each group.

In my experience […]

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Improving Staff Productivity through Technology

People in essentially all pursuits are interested in doing things faster and more efficiently, but without sacrificing quality. For those engaged in business, boosting productivity is a constant objective. Here, you’ll discover some of the ways that technology can improve your team’s output. Source: Pexels.com 

Collaborate as the 21st Century Man Selected technologies should cover several fundamental […]

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Why You Need To Be Persistent (Video)

Talent is great thing to have but without persistence your full potential might never be achieved.  History is littered with talented people who gave up with their goals just within reach. People who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Because they lacked persistence. The road to success can be long and hard, […]

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The Power of Outcome Based Thinking

Outcome-based thinking was the change in my leadership approach that revolutionized the results I was achieving.

I’ve always been relatively successful, sometimes just using sheer brute for of personality to drive projects to success. Often this was difficult, stressful and could be frustrating.

When I made the switch to outcome-based thinking it empowered me, it allowed me […]

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