Steps to Developing Excellent Practical Skills

These days, when it comes to skills development, the focus is very much on digital prowess – coding, design, data analysis – and not so much on the hands-on practical skills that humanity has developed ever since the caveman began experimenting with tools. Since then, men and women have achieved incredible feats of personal engineering […]

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Consistency: Master This One Simple Habit To Significantly Improve Your Leadership


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Keep things inconsistent to keep the team on their toes. That’s a great motto, right?

Uh, no.

Years ago, I had this boss who was terribly inconsistent. One week, he would praise us for our work, and the next week, we would do even better and he would say we were performing poorly. Teams never knew […]

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10 Mistakes Beginner Entrepreneurs Make

If this is your first go-round with starting a business, know this: you’re going to make mistakes. Successful entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed, but they don’t give up. Make sure that when you do make a mistake, you learn from it, and whenever possible, rely on other’s wisdom to avoid them. Here are […]

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Four Steps To Take for a Struggling Start Up

In the early days of a business venture, it can feel as though you’re perpetually coming up against obstacles and dead ends. Yet it’s reassuring to remember that very few of the world’s biggest brands enjoyed smooth sailing to the success they enjoy today. To be sure, companies from all manner of categories including Instagram, […]

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Bad Leadership: Number One Cause Of Business Failure

Bad leadership destroy engagement, raises stress levels, reduces morale and ultimately it leads to failures that can kill businesses.

Today I was reminded of just how true and how bad this can be when I was speaking to my good friend Dave. I was casually asking him how his job was going, and how things were working out with his new boss.

His response […]

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Barbie Does Diversity

Barbie Does Diversity

I’ve been called Barbie, it’s just a joke right?

One day years ago I was co-facilitating a gender differences workshop at a large consulting company.  While my partner was asking questions I walked over to the flip chart to jot down the answers that were coming in.  As I grabbed the marker and stood […]

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5 Qualities You Can Develop To Help Become A Better Leader

I was reading an article about great leadership qualities, and while the list was very good and had many qualities that you would expect. Such as Authenticity, Accountability, Nurturing, Great communicator, Humility, Motivating, Inspiring, etc., there were some key qualities that I thought were missing. Here are five qualities which have helped take my leadership to that next […]

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One Habit That Separates Good Leaders From Bad Leaders

Being a leader often means looking to push your teams to achieve difficult results against tight deadlines, with tough customers or with high levels of complexity.

The challenge is to know the difference between very difficult, the improbable and the really impossible. Often our teams will think of things as impossible when in fact they are more likely just very difficult, […]

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4 Ways to Make Your Business More Cost-Effective

Cutting costs from your business can seem like a mammoth task. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make your organization more cost-effective that don’t require much time or effort. As with most things in life, it’s the little changes you make that create eventual results, so if you’re serious about cutting […]

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Data Science?

Data is currently regarded as being among the most valuable commodities in the world. Given how extensively it is now being used in a multitude of different fields and contexts, it isn’t too hard to understand why it is that such enormous value is placed on something which can often seem so mundane and boring. […]

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