Why You Must Focus On Recognition (Video)

What gets recognized gets repeated, and if you want to achieve great results then you need to start recognition early in the process



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Why Employee Engagement is Essential

Exceptional employees equate to exceptional returns, right? Well, as easy as that sounds, it’s much more complex than that. To attract and maintain ‘exceptional’ employees, you much initially focus on employee engagement. Position engagement at the center of productivity and not a factor that should be merely considered. Ensure that this is not perceived as […]

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The First Three Things You Must Do Turn Around Performance (Video)

Yesterday during a Q&A session I was asked the following question What are the first three things you do when you take over a failing team to improve performance?  I thought that was an interesting question, and one to which I got great feedback on the answer so I thought I would share that with […]

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The One Thing That Damages Your Leadership The Most

Being a leader can be a fragile existence, because leadership is not about position, it’s about who you are and what you do. Yes, some people will follow you because of a title, but long-term sustainable leadership comes from peoples decision to follow you, and this comes from the degree in trust that they have in […]

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At What Point Do Projects Fail?

You’d be amazed at how many projects are reported green throughout the life cycle, only to go red at the end and fail.


It looks like your team has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That they were unlucky and they just failed to get the project over the finish line in time.

At one […]

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FAST Results – The Impact of Bonuses

Bonuses can be massively motivating, they can help drive your team’s performance to new levels.

The challenge is that the bonuses need to be equitable and allocated consistently.


I mention this because on a coaching call yesterday my client was telling me about a project that he’s leading where the management team has a lower target than he does.

How […]

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If You Want To Achieve Results Fast, Then Do This

It seems obvious that if you want to get results fast you much start fast, dive in an start delivering.

However, that is a common mistake that many people make. They confuse action with effectiveness and being busy with making progress.

Just recently I was listening to Mo Farrah 4-time Olympic champion and 6-time World champion, who was […]

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6 Steps to Building a Personal Brand

If you want to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, change your career, or grow your professional network, consider developing a personal brand that will grab people’s attention.

Many people make the mistake of marketing products or services when they might simply need to market themselves to enjoy great success in their field. Get started […]

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How To Create Engaged, Excited, And Empowered Teams That Crush It

Creating engaged, empowered and excited teams should be the goal of every leader in every organization, because when your teams can achieve that then they will deliver amazing results. I have companies create teams like that by using the FAST Approach and that has helped them to treble revenue in just 12 months, make multimillion-dollar cost savings […]

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If You Want To Go Fast, Go Simple!

Complexity kills performance, it slows you down, it frustrates, demotivates and discourages. If you want to make fast progress, then you need to keep things simple. But this can be hard to do when you don’t make the desired progress you look to work harder, be busier, but if you’re not being effective, then you’re just […]

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