Mistakes Most Bosses Make When Giving Negative Feedback

Picture this. There’s a team of enthusiastic employees working on a project. Everyone is super excited to be a part of the project, and they can’t wait to succeed.

Then, the boss comes in and points out something that one of the employees did wrong. He berates the employee in front of everyone and then leaves.

Guess what happens […]

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8 Daily Habits That Will Boost Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is running at around 32%. Which means that a staggering 68% of staff, potentially your staff, are either disengaged or even worse actively disengaged.  According to Gallup, this costs the US economy anywhere between $450 to $550 billion per year.

As a leader, you have the biggest impact on the engagement of your teams, and your number one goal should […]

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Number One Cause Of Business Failure

Bad leadership absolutely destroys engagement, it raises employee stress levels, it reduces their morale and ultimately it leads to failure. And these failures that can destroy your business too.

I was reminded, today, of just how true this can be after speaking to a good friend of mine. I was just asking him how his job was going, and how […]

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10 Ways You Can Motivate Your Employees

As a team leader or manager, part of your role is motivating your employees. How you do this though is not clear though, as every team is different and so has different needs. How do you motivate them to get the most out of them every day? Here are 10 ways you can motivate them […]

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13 Reasons Why You Should Join A Mastermind Group

Many people aren’t yet aware that a mastermind group can be a valuable tool, despite the fact that the Napoleon Hill created the concept approximately 75 years ago. The book Think and Grow Rich defines a mastermind group as a group of intelligent people who address certain challenges.

The group meets weekly, monthly, or even once […]

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The Power of Mindset

Two Years ago at the age of 50, my brother Phil decided to go back to one of his passions, boxing, and take up the challenge and enter a White Collar Boxing event. Now many people told him that at 50 his time had passed, this was for younger man’s game and he should give […]

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Business Teamwork Requirements for Maximum Motivation

Business owners manage their business through the development of a team. Teamwork gives strength to businesses. Manager of the company combines employees in a group depending on their skills and expertise. Group of employees is a team. A team works through cooperation and understanding, and also members of team support each other to give their […]

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Steps to Developing Excellent Practical Skills

These days, when it comes to skills development, the focus is very much on digital prowess – coding, design, data analysis – and not so much on the hands-on practical skills that humanity has developed ever since the caveman began experimenting with tools. Since then, men and women have achieved incredible feats of personal engineering […]

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Consistency: Master This One Simple Habit To Significantly Improve Your Leadership


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Keep things inconsistent to keep the team on their toes. That’s a great motto, right?

Uh, no.

Years ago, I had this boss who was terribly inconsistent. One week, he would praise us for our work, and the next week, we would do even better and he would say we were performing poorly. Teams never knew […]

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10 Mistakes Beginner Entrepreneurs Make

If this is your first go-round with starting a business, know this: you’re going to make mistakes. Successful entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed, but they don’t give up. Make sure that when you do make a mistake, you learn from it, and whenever possible, rely on other’s wisdom to avoid them. Here are […]

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