Leadership is not dead: Elon Musk explains how entrepreneurs are reversing the trend.

Leadership is dead: why Elon Musk explains the revival of leadership and how these entrepreneurs are reversing the trend.
Not everyone who talks about leadership knows a lot about it. People searching for precise definitions, contextual applications, and looking up for types and models of leadership has been a strong indicator that now leadership has just […]

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Defuse the Dispute: Top Conflict Management Strategies Leaders Must Know

Defuse the Dispute: Top Conflict Management Strategies Leaders Must Know

Every leader, sooner or later, rarely or regularly, will be faced with a conflict situation they have to resolve. Your team members might disagree over the way a project should be completed. There may be a conflict of working styles. Or a simple clash of personalities.

Whatever the […]

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5 Ways Tech Boosts Employee Motivation

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Geat business managers are the ones who succeed in getting the best results from their employees. This is definitely not an easy task, especially in this day and age when the benefits you can offer are daily decreasing. However, while these turbulent times have not brought much for the Christmas bonus, […]

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7 Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials As They Enter The Workforce

7 Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials As They Enter The Workforce
Employers Will Have To Adjust To New Generation 
There’s a new generation in town and it’s one that employers better get ready for, because it’s 23 million strong and will be flooding the workforce by the end of the decade. 
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Generation Z; […]

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How To Inspire Your Own Team

I Started Sending My Team a Weekly Inspirational Email. Something Extraordinary Happened.
By Robert Glazer

A few years ago I began the habit of getting up earlier and writing in my journal, taking the time to be reflective, appreciative, and grateful. I went over my goals each morning and my values. I devoted time to reading stories […]

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How to Approach an Employee Who Holds a Grudge Against You

How to Approach an Employee Who Holds a Grudge Against You
A workplace grudge can have serious ramifications for a company. The person holding the grudge is unlikely to work well for the person in question. They may sour the atmosphere in the office and even turn other employees against you. Someone with a grudge may […]

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4 Tips for Hosting Important Business Contacts

4 Tips for Hosting Important Business Contacts

If you’re hoping to secure a trade deal, an investment, financial backing, or expert advice, you may be required to host important business contacts. If this occurs, it’s vital that you make the right impression. You don’t want to appear unprofessional or uninterested. Instead, you need to make the […]

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6 Tips For A First-Time Manager

6 Tips For A First-Time Manager
When you find yourself as a manager for the first time, it’s not uncommon to experience a few nerves. If you’ve risen up the ranks of the same company you could now be managing colleagues who used to be your peers. And if you’ve ventured to pastures new, you’ll be […]

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Empowerment => Accountability => Success

Empowerment leads to increased ownership and accountability and increased accountability leads to a higher level of success.

When you delegate tasks to your staff, they do not automatically assume that they are empowered to deliver them, often they need to be explicitly told that they are also empowered.
Without empowerment they don’t feel accountable for the task, […]

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Why Recognition Will Help You Drive Results


In far too many of the companies I have worked for they try to limit the amount of recognition they are willing to give to their staff, and they certainly don’t like to recognize effort. They honestly believe that you should not recognize people just for doing their job, as this exactly what they are […]

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