Feedback – 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback (Infographic)

Feedback is critical leadership task, it can help motivate and inspire or it can frustrate and demotivate your staff. The better you are at giving feedback the better the leader you will become. Here’s a great guest post on giving negative feedback as recommended by Neomam Studios, you can find the original post here.

Giving feedback […]

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This Week America – FAST Interview

Check out my interview on This Week America with Ric Bratton.

I share tips on achieving success and driving results, and also who i got started in leadership, and where I learnt many of the things that made me a successful leader.

If you would like to know more about FAST and FAST Coaching just email me […]

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What Does Inspiration Look Like?

Inspiration is a powerful tool that can change the world, it can change the way you think and it can be a source of benefit to many.

That was reinforced for me yesterday when I received this video from my good friend Isaac who is a tireless worker, who looks to help improve his community and […]

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Why Facebook Should be a Pillar of Your Marketing Strategy

 Although it originated as a means for social interaction, more and more businesses have seen the golden opportunity provided to them by Facebook. As well as being able to set up a business page for free, there are loads of great features like Facebook ads and Facebook Live which easily create content such as video […]

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4 Ways to Use Visual Content to Boost Your Business’s Online Visibility

Sharing great content on online platforms is among the top ways of building your online presence. Textual content attracts readers, but it will not make your posts stand out in a crowded online platform. Visual content is an easier and faster way of attracting your audience to your online platforms. In fact, most of the […]

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3 Keys to Leading Successful Virtual Teams


Virtual teams are emerging as an important resource for organizations in the ever-divergent global business market. There is an increasing number of remote workers, who must effectively be led in a collaborative effort.

It takes a highly skilled team leader to build, manage, and successfully maintain a virtual team, especially due to the challenges faced such […]

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10 Must Read Leadership Books That Will Make You a Better Leader

If you want to be a great leader, then you must commit to studying all about leadership, learning about new techniques and approaches which you can look test and adopt.

Over the years I have read hundreds of books on management and leadership, some good, some not so good and some that were excellent. I want to share […]

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How to boost productivity in the workplace

 One of the biggest factors in the success of any business is the level of productivity. Whether you sell sandwiches or you work for a highly regulated financial institution, productivity will play a large part in whether you out-perform your competition.

Of course, there are many other factors that will play into your success. For example, […]

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15 Things Great Leaders Say To Create Engaged Teams

The secret to great leadership is creating great relationships with your teams and engaging them to go above and beyond. Here are 15 things that great leaders say to create highly engaged and motivated teams.
I’d love your input.
When we ask people to contribute, we show that we value their opinion, respect their expertise. There is […]

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From Hating Cold Calling To Loving It In 90 Minutes Or Less

Let me just start by saying just how much I hate cold calling. Picking up the phone and trying to create a sale or make a connection is one of the biggest fears I have, it’s right up there with death and sharks.

Interestingly when you look at top 10 fears, cold calling never makes a […]

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