FAST Leadership Show – The Trusted Executive

Trust has always been an important component of leadership, but in todays world, with the rise of Social Media and the expectations that Millennials have of leaders trust and trustworthiness have become even more important. In todays show our guest is John Blakey, the author of The Trusted Executive, and he’s going to share with […]

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Secure Your Business Website With These 5 Steps

Many business owners wait until it’s too late to start thinking about their website’s cyber security. They believe their business is safe and won’t get hacked, even though it happens to websites every day. More often than not, those websites had a proper security plan in place, it just wasn’t enough.

There’s no time like the […]

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5 Ways to Say No To Keep You Focused On Your goals

There is a big difference between being productive and being busy. It’s easy to be busy you probably have people queuing  up all of the time to keep us us busy.

But you need to learn how to say no to them, because if you don’t then you will be focused on working on their goals and […]

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Personal Growth and Development

As we start to get to the end of 2016, and we start to think about 2017, what our goals will be, and what we would like to achieve in the new year I wanted to share this image on personal growth with you.
I do that because when you think about setting your goals for […]

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The Role of Leadership in Building a Culture of Innovation

In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption, the need for business innovation allied to an organisation-wide culture of innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda. And the key to building a Culture of Innovation is great leadership. On todays show we have the pleasure of hearing from Cris Beswick, […]

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5 Top Skills Employers are Looking for in 2016

Most people are familiar with the terms ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. During the interview process, employers search for candidates that have a suitable combination of both. Hard skills refer to skills that can be taught and are easy to quantify. Soft skills on the other hand are about how well you get along with other […]

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7 Qualities Every Great Leader Should Have

Every successful business venture starts as an idea. However, not everyone with a great idea becomes a leader of a great company or organization. Great leaders possess exceptional qualities that enable them to execute their ideas successfully. The qualities enable them to coordinate people and resources until they achieve their dreams. If you want to […]

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How to Become an Influencer

An influencer is someone who is influential. We all know someone like this. They are the person who everyone listens to, the person who other people go to for advice. They are often leaders, but equally they may be in the background, doing their thing behind the scenes. To become an influencer takes time and […]

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One Simple Answer to Why Healthcare Is Failing

One Simple Answer to Why Healthcare Is Failing
Going all the way back to May of 2010, it was already apparent why healthcare was failing and really, it wasn’t the system but rather a lack of leadership. Across the board, any plan instituted by government of the past eight years came to a screeching, failing halt […]

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4 Things that Employees Expect from a Great Leader

4 Things that Employees Expect from a Great Leader
As a business owner, it’s not only important to be a good boss – you must also be a good leader to the people whom you work with. As the person in charge of your company, it’s down to you to ensure its success, which often means […]

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