If You Want To Achieve Results Fast, Then Do This

It seems obvious that if you want to get results fast you much start fast, dive in an start delivering.

However, that is a common mistake that many people make. They confuse action with effectiveness and being busy with making progress.

Just recently I was listening to Mo Farrah 4-time Olympic champion and 6-time World champion, who was […]

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6 Steps to Building a Personal Brand

If you want to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, change your career, or grow your professional network, consider developing a personal brand that will grab people’s attention.

Many people make the mistake of marketing products or services when they might simply need to market themselves to enjoy great success in their field. Get started […]

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How To Create Engaged, Excited, And Empowered Teams That Crush It

Creating engaged, empowered and excited teams should be the goal of every leader in every organization, because when your teams can achieve that then they will deliver amazing results. I have companies create teams like that by using the FAST Approach and that has helped them to treble revenue in just 12 months, make multimillion-dollar cost savings […]

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If You Want To Go Fast, Go Simple!

Complexity kills performance, it slows you down, it frustrates, demotivates and discourages. If you want to make fast progress, then you need to keep things simple. But this can be hard to do when you don’t make the desired progress you look to work harder, be busier, but if you’re not being effective, then you’re just […]

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The Secret To Creating An Engaged Accountable Team

At a recent speaking event, one of the questions that the audience asked me, was “What do you think is one of the keys to creating and engaged team that takes accountability?”

I thought it was a great question and I wanted to share my answer to that question with you.

As a Leader, the type of […]

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Faster, Better, Cheaper Of course It’s possible!

There is a saying “Faster, Better, Cheaper pick any two!”

The implication being that it’s not possible to deliver all three together.

This defeatist attitude probably often stops people from even attempting to try, knowing that others that have gone before have failed, or think it’s impossible.

On individual tasks or products, this saying might possibly be true.

However, […]

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Habits That Improve Productivity When Working from Home

Wherever you work, it’s understandable wanting to be productive and effective in your position. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, your ability to be productive throughout the entire day is essential.

Productivity impacts your company’s profitability and affects the balance between home and work. Perhaps you are already following productivity advice such as allowing ample time for restful […]

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FAST Approach To Business Growth

When it comes to growing your business, you shoy=uld always look to apply the FAST approach, especially Simplicity.

Too many people over complicate business growth because in reality there are only 2 ways to grow your business.

Increasing Revenue from existing customers.
Adding Revenue from new customers

Now I am sure that many of you will think, but what […]

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How FAST is Helping England @ The World Cup

It’s great to see England in their first soccer World Cup Semifinal in over 28 years, but it’s even greater to watch them take a FAST Approach.  FAST is a pragmatic, practical and proven approach that allows you and your teams to increase both their effectiveness, and their efficiency which is a powerful combination and […]

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5 Steps Leaders Must Take to Regain Lost Trust and Fix Relationships with Employees

Not every day in a leadership position is going to leave you feeling good. One of the worst problems that many leaders must work through is when an employee is blindsided by what appears to be a betrayal- whether the event was in your control or not. Damaging a trusted relationship is almost inevitable at […]

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