How Recognition Empowered Me…

When I first started blogging and building a following on social media, one of my closest friends said to me ‘what makes you think that you can stand out against all of the other experts online, and get anyone to read or listen to what you have to say’.
When he said that I was stunned […]

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How Not To Engage Staff!

I was appalled to see this video, where the staff at a Chinese bank are being spanked for poor performance.

Punishing people is never a route to improved performance, it just creates a culture of fear, and fear is not really a motivator.  Yes it can motivate people short-term but it’s definitely not going to build […]

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7 Facets of Inspiring Leadership

I believe that people can achieve astounding results, in both life and business, when they are inspired. When someone is inspired, they hold the power to inspire many more and that is how leaders are born. My definition of Inspiring Leadership:the ability to create passion, purpose, and belief that lead to the achievement of astounding […]

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No Trust, No Leadership!

Without trust there is no leadership.  Trust is the glue that binds leaders and followers togethers.

Trust helps build loyalty, helps build strong bonds  that will encourage followers to take on difficult tasks, go the extra mile and achieve amazing results.

I found this excellent graphic that I wanted to share, which shows where trust comes from.


The […]

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Followers Have Influence Too!

This month I have been writing a lot of articles about leadership and influence. Why it’s important, how to build it, and how to use it.

Leadership is all about influence and the more we have the better the leader we can be.

But even as followers we have influence.

We can influence the directions that our leaders […]

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Emotional Intelligence Fail (Almost)!

I generally think I have good emotional intelligence, but today I nearly lost it, and I just wanted to share this example of how important emotional intelligence can be, and how for those of us who think we’re good at it, we still need to be aware and keep focused on it.



If you need help […]

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What Kind of Leader Should You Be?

One of the most common questions that I am asked is what kind of leader should I be and I look to answer this question this short video.


If you need help to improving the performance of your Business click here to Request a FREE VOUCHER worth US$ 200 for 30-minute strategy session to see how […]

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Psychology of The Grocery Store: Consumers

Psychology of The Grocery Store: A Look At Consumer Behavior
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that a number of retail and grocery stores have experienced the worst quarterly sales since the recession.
Many believe that Millennials are the cause of this drop, as many grew up in the recession and may be paranoid […]

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How To Look Confident even When You’re Not

It’s crucial for any leader that their team has confidence in them, especially in times of crisis.
But what happens when we lack confidence in ourselves? That can make it very difficult for us to project the kind of image that will generate confidence in others.
Here are 7 tips on How to Look Confident Even When […]

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What Someone Makes An Inspiring Leader?

What does it take to be an inspiring leader, what are the qualities and characteristics that one needs.
I was inspired to make this video after the sad news of the death of Muhammad Ali, who for me was one of the most inspiring leaders and inspirational people of the 20th/21st century.

If you need help to […]

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