Eliminate, Automate, Delegate!


As leaders our goal is to simplify the work of our organisations, and the simpler we can make it the more successful we will be. 

Tony Robins says that “Complexity is the enemy of execution” and this is the attitude we have to take, we have to see couplexity as an enemy that needs to be […]

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Giving Candy To Strangers

Giving Candy To Strangers (published 2015 by Next Century Publishing), is one of the best books that I read in 2015, and I highly recommend to everyone, and if you’d like to buy a copy you can find it here on Amazon.


Here is a Q & A I got to do with my friend and […]

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So Did 2015 End With Pride or Regrets?

As 2015 comes to its close and we begin a new year, how do you feel about 2015?

Are you proud of the achievements that you have made, or are you filled with regrets for the things that you wanted to do, but just decided not to try.

Pride or Regret?

I am proud of many things but […]

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Don’t Rain On Anyone’s Parade

For 2016 this is my message to everyone is don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

You are good enough! You set the benchmark for the achievements you want to achieve. We are not in competition with anyone, and our goals should be to improve against our selves.

When we compete we need someone to lose in […]

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What Qualities Make a Great Leader?

I was asked to list just three qualities that I thought made a great leader. It’s interesting that if you asked me to list 6 or 7 or even 10 I could just reel them off. But when you limit it to just three, it does make you target in on what makes a great […]

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My Favourite Leadership Quotes Of Winston Churchill

Here are my favourite leadership quotes from Winston Churchill, I love his spirit of tenacity, perseverance and determination to succeed.

It is our will to win that has the biggest impact on our ability to be successful.

Great ideas often fail through inaction, procrastination or because people quit, sometimes when victory is within the grasp. 

At first […]

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FAST Approach to Customers

In business our customers are our lifeblood and we are told that we should do everything to keep them satisfied, and that the customer is always right.

Well, in reality some customers are more right than others, more right for us that is.

Take a look at the table below which should be used to access just […]

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The Best Approach to Giving Praise!

When it comes to motivation one of the key tools is positive feedback. We all want to hear about how good a job we have done, how well we are doing and that we are adding value.

In fact according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, esteem is one of our basic needs and positive feedback helps to […]

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Guest Blog – 8 Ways To Improve Your Brain Power

Guest Post – 8 Ways tot Improve Your Brain Power by Key Retirement, as suggested by NeoMamStudios.

Acting as your command centre, your brain is what makes you distinctively you; allowing you to solve problems, judge situations, store memories and process your everyday surroundings. With this in mind, it makes sense to take care of this […]

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Short Term Results Versus Sustainable Results

With the sacking of Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, just one season after he’d won the Premier Leagues, looks like a clear case of results matter.

Ok, you won last season, but what have you done for me lately.

In sport, just as in business, it tends to be all about the bottom line results, and on […]

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