FAST Leadership Show – What Make A Success

What is Success? What are the key qualities needed to be successful? What role does luck play in success? Are there any common habits that successful people share that we should look to develop?

These are questions I am going my guest Chris Dessi the author of Just Like You, a book where he interviewed 24 […]

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6 Common Money Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Guest Post recommended by NeoMam Services on 6 Common Money Mistakes Small Business Owners Make the origin article was written by Make It Cheaper and can be found here.

Whether you’ve just started in business, or if you’ve been running one for a number of years, there’s a good chance that one of your key aims […]

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Dream Big and Go For It!


Last weekend I ran my 10th marathon.

Not only was it be my 10th in total but it will also be my 4th in the last ten weeks. I ran West Palm Beach Dec 6th, Disney Jan 10th, Miami Jan 24th and I will run Fort Lauderdale on Feb 14th.

Now the reason I tell you this […]

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Twitter Chat February 22nd 2016 7pm Eastern with Dan Forbes

On Monday Feb 22nd 2016 at  7:00pm ET (New York time) I will be joining Dan Forbes for a twitter chat and you can join in and follow the discussion on twitter using the hashtag #leadwithgiants. To find out more about tweet chats click the link here.

I have been interviewed by Dan before and we had a […]

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Guest Post – 8 Things That Are More Important For Success Than Intelligence

This post was suggested by NeoMam Studios, and the work originally produced by Headway Capital. 

As someone who specialises in leadership coaching, consulting and writing its definitely the case that whilst in leadership intelligence is important, it’s definitely true that if you want to be a successful leader then you need emotional intelligence, as it’s all […]

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We can always coach skills, but we can’t always coach attitude.

I saw great meme today which I wanted to share because I thought there was a great message for leaders in it as well as for individuals.

Here’s the meme.




















I like this meme because it’s so true. We don’t need to have a special talent to be able to do these ten things, and if we […]

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FAST Marathon Runner

When I talk about being a FAST Marathon Runner, I am not talking about how long it takes me to run a marathon.  I’m talking about how I used FAST (Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency) to run marathons.

I’m writing this blog today because on Sunday, Feb 14th, 2016, I will run my 10th Marathon.

I still […]

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5 Things My Father Taught Me Which Advanced My Career

We spend 15-20 years in educational establishments learning the skills that are supposedly going to land us the jobs that will help us create the life we want.

The only problem is that formal education doesn’t really teach us about mindset, dealing with people or about how to react in times of adversity, all of which […]

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FAST in Action

When I talk about FAST I find it really interesting to see the reaction from the audience, many are nodding along, others look deep in thought wondering how FAST would impact their approach and organizational setup.

FAST challenges the way people think; it demands that they get clear about goals and look to keep things simple.

Complexity […]

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Guest Post – 10 Empowering Quotes from Women Leaders

Guest Post from Resourceful Manager

Need some additional inspiration to help you become successful?

These empowering quotes from inspiring women leaders might help motivate you to reach the next level. They come from different walks of life – business, politics and entertainment – but their messages resonate with all of us.

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